Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Game is Naughty and Taboo, And a M/M Forbidden Tale That is Sure to Please.

Overall: ★★★★★ (4.5 Rounded up)

I love to dip into Erotica every once in a while instead of romance to get some flavor and to look at the world through a more diverse scope. Today I am looking at The Game by Nora Nix. I was pretty fascinated by it and I know our readers of the first time M/M genre will be too.

This is a little different from what I usually review but not completely off base (I did review Skye Eagleday's Virgin (Gay Werewolf) piece).

Here is some info about this debut piece from Nora Nix.

"All Vince wanted was some company for the big game. But when his friends choose to ditch him, Vince is left with only Paul, the quiet, Southern outsider of their group. As the two knock back beers and pizza, Paul makes a bet with Vince that will change their relationship forever, and Vince is left wondering what exactly he has gotten himself into - and just what game is being played now."

Originality: ★★★★

I think writing from a reluctant male standpoint is difficult. Especially when he is trying to ignore his desires and be the "straight man" that society wants him to be. This piece does that well, it includes the language, the worries, but it also makes it sexy.

Character Development: ★★★★

I loved what was developed so far, but I wanted a tad bit more (and a bit more length) so I decided it was a 4 for me (or a 4.4). I wanted to see a bit more into Vince's personality. I wanted to hear a bit more. Maybe understand the aftermath of it all. But I get that it was a steamy short (and I love stroke fiction). 


The word choice is exceptional, the grammar is spectacular. This author published piece was excellently done. I am not sure if Nora has an editor or not, but whatever she is doing, it is great.

The Sex:  

I had to pop my collar a few times this was so hot. I loved the way you have some reluctance (inside his head, it wasn't a dub-con piece), and the tension is just right. It left me wanting more. I can't wait to read the next installment. 

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