Friday, September 20, 2013

My Rockstar's Rhythm of Lust is Sexy and Fast Paced

Overall: ★★★★

Rockstar's Rhythm of lust is a fast paced, sexy thriller that leaves you wanting more. More of the story and
more in the bedroom. A daredevil of a Rockstar meets a woman looking to get out of control. I found it refreshing, dark and dangerous. I don't promote having sex in any of these places in real life, but in fiction, it sure is fun to read about!!

Authors Description:

School was out for summer and I was out to celebrate with a few other teachers. Blaze, a notorious, international rockstar walked into the club where we were drinking. He came right up to our table. And right up to me.

We practically had wild sex right there on the dance floor. We did have wild sex on his way to a show. And at the show. We had the wildest sex of that night on his Harley Davidson, speeding down the dark highway.

And that was to be the start of the ride of my life.

This 6,203 words story contains very EXPLICIT scenes of sex. Public sex, outdoor sex, and some very adult varieties of sex. It is definitely unsuitable for readers under 18. 18+ only. XXX, triple-R. And not advised if you are offended by GRAPHIC descriptions of sex, or bad language.

Originality: ★★★★

I've seen the rockstar troupe... a lot lately. But the way Alice May Ball pulls it off is sexy, nuanced and downright scary at times. I was pretty impressed with the way she wrote.

Character Development: ★★★

For the nature of the piece this they were well developed. I liked the way she had them move and interact with one another, but there were times when Blaze fell flat. We didn't know much about him, other than he was a famous rockstar. The female character is well developed, I know about her past, she feels three dimensional but Blaze feels like a dream at times. I thought overall it was well done, just missing a few of those pieces.


In a couple of places the dialogue was a bit confused. It threw me a little bit, but over all it was edited well. I enjoyed reading it and I enjoyed the flow of the editing.

The Sex: 
Yeah, this was by far the best part. Oh My God. Sex on a motorcycle. I had to find out if this was even possible. The answer is yes- if you are a psychopath. So in short, unless you are crazy like Blaze. Don't do it. You could die. But read about it, where it is safe and sexy and sinful. Read about it in Alice May Ball's Book because it is low priced at 2.99 and a very sinful read. 

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