Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review Policy

Please submit your erotica books for review! I love reading erotica and promoting other authors.

Review Policy:
  1. I will read almost any kind of erotica or romance- indie or traditionally published. I will also accept essays relating to sexuality.  This is with the exception of individuals depicted under the age of 18 and bestiality. 
  2. Please only submit works that are edited, well written, and well formatted. (For Editing, please email and I will discuss my policy with you personally).
  3. If your book is longer it may take longer to post your review. I will try to post in a timely manner.
  4. I will notify you when your review is posted.
  5. Feel free to quote the review, but please attribute the review to Veronica Hardy and link to my website so that others can read more reviews or submit their own work for review.
  6. I reserve the right not to review a book, though that is unlikely.
  7. I will not remove any reviews from the site.
  8. I will also post the review to Amazon and Goodreads (and anywhere else you specify), noting that I got a free copy
  9. Please note, I will not review works that I have edited as this is a conflict of interest. I will, however, recommend a few reviewers for you as a courtesy. 
Submit your reviews to

If you are submitting a book for review in advance of publication for promotion purposes, please note that and submit at least three weeks in advance, along with an email notifying me.
Any review copies that are received will not be sold or distributed in any way.