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Riveted 1,000 word Sneak Peek.

For the past few days I have been sitting in front on my computer, dreaming and wishing and writing. The results were better than I could have ever expected. I am so proud of this work. I poured my soul into it. It is a historical piece, the time period surrounding the events of WWI and it is part of the BBW Bombshells series.


 This love can’t be manufactured. Ava is a feisty Riveter who wants nothing more than to help the war effort during The Second Great War. This spunky woman helps build bombers so that the men can get an advantage over the Germans and bring home victory. She didn’t ask for more, until Angelo walked into the factory and into her life. Caught up this soldier’s love, she would do anything he asked her to. Even abandon all she has ever known. Will this industrial strength love meet up to the standards of time?

Sneak Peek :

“You ready?” Gladys asked as they took their place on the line. Gladys was her bucker today. The burly woman worked opposite Ava, taking her rivets and smoothing them out. It was harder work and Gladys’s large size explained why she was doing the job. Riveting wasn’t as bad as people made it seem, you just had to have a good eye.
“As ready as I could possibly be, Gladys.” She tried to force a smile but it was hot work, the shield that she held over her was all she had to protect her. She had asked for goggles, but there was a shortage and women in the munitions factories needed them more. So she was told by the shift matron.
She took her gun and pressed it to the metal plate, riveting and working, her bucker sawing and smoothing off the underside of the rivets. It was hot work, the lack of ventilation and the heavy machinery causing sweat to spring up out of her pores and drip through her overalls. Her turban caught a good deal of the sweat from her forehead. But not enough and at times the sting of it in her eyes was fierce. God dammit. Why can’t they turn on a fan?
When they were finished with one they hit the button and sent it down the line, only to receive yet another panel. The work didn’t stack up, for she was a competent riveter and Gladys a good bucker. But by the end of the shift she was tired and it took all she had to work panel after panel.
Ava looked up to see a group of soldiers walking through the plant, the shift matron talking to each of them. They had a clipboard in their hands, writing notes and checking things off. She had seen a couple of these groups come through the factory in the short week and a half she had been employed. The Cartney Corporation liked to keep its clients involved in the process of bomber creation.
They were, after all, the ones who flew the things into harm’s way and dropped the bombs other women were making them in other factories.
A particular soldier caught her eye, his dark hair and olive skin something she couldn’t help but stare at. When his darker than brown eyes met hers she almost dropped her riveter. He tipped his hat and cocked a smile, looking right back at the shift matron. It took her breath away and she almost lost her concentration.
“Dunn, pay attention. We don’t got all day. Shift’s almost over.” Gladys brought her attention back to the work at hand.
She went back to work, but his face stayed there. Burned into her brain. 
“You going to the social tonight?” Ava ventured as she worked through the last half hour of her shift. She needed something to keep her focused. At attention.
“Down at the dance hall?” Gladys asked her eyebrow raised.
“Legion is sponsoring.” Gosh, why is she looking at me like I grew a third eye?
“Yeah, I’m going. You going?” Gladys was still suspicious as she looked the riveter up and down.
It left Ava wishing she hadn’t asked.
“I am. I hear there are lots of soldiers at those things.” She tried to keep her tone light. Pop. Another rivet. Then another.
“There are, handsome ones too. If you are into that sort of thing.” Gladys was suddenly gruff. Her eyebrows drawn.
The burly girl had a personality to match.
Ava sighed and sent up a silent prayer when her shift bell rang and another woman came and grabbed the gun from her, continuing the work in another shift. She almost took out of there in a run, wanting to shower all the chemicals off her body before she went back to the boarding house to change.
The grime of the factory got on her skin. It wasn’t the same as working in laundry, each piece of grit stuck to her. Clung to her like it was grasping at the straws of life. A shower. That is just what I need.
Ava trotted into the locker room and immediately began undressing. She started with her turban, unfolding and shaking it out then moved on to the rest of her clothing. Grabbing a towel she wrapped it around herself and hurried into the mass shower along with several other women.
She was thankful as the hot water washed over her, taking the soot and dirt from the factory and washing it down the drain. It was freeing to watch all her work just wash away.
She tried not to look at the women around her, but she couldn’t help it. She was curious about the different women that surrounded her. Most were strong, the war had made them strong, their soft curves and thin frames had been replaced by something steadier. More solid. But there was still a good amount of variance.
On the plumper side of the workers, Ava had soft curves that were on top of strong, hefty muscle. She wasn’t a frail thing, but she wasn’t a burly woman either. And her short stature and slightly upturned nose made her that much more feminine. A perfect balance of muscle and beauty for wartime.
With a final rinse Ava finished her shower and smiled. She felt good. Ready for her first time out.
“Hey Ava, did I get it all?” Edythe called to her pointing to her face. The woman was absolutely covered in grit. Her body was thick and curvy, almost as thick as Ava’s but not quite. It was rather attractive. She tried not to let her stare linger.
“I think you may want to spend a little more time in the wash,” She said as she pushed through the women, grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her.
“There was a little… mishap in quality control today. Thanks hun.” Edythe went right back to scrubbing.

Ava hurried out of there and stepped into her street clothing, a smart tweed dress ensemble that wasn’t winning any awards, but it was smart. Her momma had made it for her as a gift, right before she had left. She smoothed it out and pinned a hat to her hair. She only had a few hours before the dance started and she wanted to make the best of it.

If you liked the preview you can purchase it on Smashwords, and Amazon

Weekend Warriors - Excerpt from Riveted 9/28/13

Weekend Writing Warriors is a blog-hop taking place every Saturday, co-ordinated by

Click through to the WeWriWa site to see a list of participants.In it, authors share only eight sentences from something they’ve written or are currently working on. I'm participating this weekend!

My newest work Riveted: For Love of a Soldier 

“Have you ever danced next to a river?” His voice was deep again, husky and excited as he shifted her in his arms.

It perked her body up, sending blood rushing to all the right places. The feeling that filled her was like a spark that spread flames throughout her body, keeping her warm despite the cool night.

“I don’t believe I have.”

“Well, do you have one more dance in you?” He asked, as he started a slow, gentle Foxtrot, sweeping her up in it.

“I think I can manage.”

Riveted: For Love of a Soldier is now available! Purchase it on Amazon, All Romance, or Smashwords .

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Giveaways and Freebies Around the Web

I'm working hard on my latest piece, Riveted: For Love of a Soldier, so I have no reviews or sneak peaks to give. Instead, I am pointing you to other sneak peaks and freebies I find.

Happy Reading!

1. Nora Nix has a Thursday Giveaway she would like to share!  This woman's works are top notch and downright sexy. I highly recommend giving her page a glance.

2. Penelope Jones is at it again, Chapter One - Free!!! Diary of a Broken Sub. It is beautiful and refreshing.

3. The Last day for Cursed Ever After - A.C. James new work. So excited to read this one.


4. Join my Mailing List and get a free holiday themed short! You should see it in just a couple of weeks. :)

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3 Reasons BBW Literature is Beautiful and Necessary!

Hey ya'll. In honor of my new work Curves And The Lake I'm looking at the role of plus size women in literature. The average woman is a size 14, but she is often overlooked in traditional stories for a thinner, more "ideal" lead role. With increased attention at the BBW market, I wanted to highlight why such a market is positive.

1. It reflects/promotes a positive body image for all shapes and sizes.

If written properly BBW romance and literature can carry a positive message that lessens the stigma of being well-rounded and fight fat shaming. We need to promote loving our bodies, as women of many different backgrounds, BMIs and lifestyle choices.

Let's be honest, we are at a point in our society when states feel it necessary to fat shame via billboard. People are making meme's of "fat" girlfriends and women are being pushed out of Victoria's Secret's because they wouldn't "fit" into their bras anyways. It is an ugly message that we are sending to our women about body image and it shouldn't be something perpetuated in literature.

No more is the "chubby" girl not good enough to love, pushed aside as the heroine or cast as the comedic relief. She is front and center in her own accord. She is sought after and wanted in these stories, taking all kinds of roles. She can be comfortable in her skin, hoping to be in better shape, or she can be a sexy goddess that wants nothing more than to stay the way she is.

Ellen Dominick's Sweat and Curves is a great example of one of the many roles BBW women can encompass. Trisha wants to be healthy but likes the way she looks and clearly so does her trainer. I'm a BBW, and I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being plus-sized. Ellen Dominick makes getting fit sexy with this work!

Trisha, a voluptuous BBW, goes to her doctor one day and finds out she has to lose weight or risk her health. When she goes to a brand new 24 hour gym, she gets way more than just a workout from her handsome new trainer Evan. She soon finds out that he prefers curvy women when he makes her spread her legs on the gym floor. The gym is pretty quiet late at night, but will they get caught practicing their new "advanced workout" where everyone can see?

2. It is more inclusive of its audience.

We romance readers make up all shapes and sizes. Regardless, until recently it was very rare to read about someone who looked and thought like me. Representation is an essential part of that audience, and with the market power that BBW women possess, the demand is there.

Adele Allaire with her work One Night Three Hearts does just that. She creates a female character that pulls on your heartstrings so completely you can't help but love her as you go down her journey into Polyamory with her.

Thirty-five year old unemployed Rose struggles with weight gain, and now an infertility diagnosis that requires expensive IVF treatments she and her husband can't afford. Her obsession with becoming a mother before her biological clock ticks down allows ovulation kits to completely dictate marital relations with Jason, her loving husband for over a decade.

Desperate to reignite the fire between them, Jason goes to the one person he thinks can help save his marriage -- his long time friend, Matt.

The first book of the Three Hearts Menage Trilogy by new author Adele Allaire weaves a sensual polyandry tale from the intertwined secret fetishes of all three adults, and unravels them to collide in one extremely detailed and unforgettable night of passion.

3. It can be super sexy.
Or romantic. Being chubby doesn't have to mean being chaste. So many different stories I have encountered have been downright steamy! And full of all kinds of delightfully sinful kinks! The hunks and the heroines are tail waggingly hot.

Mia's Milk is a kinky, risque number by Nora Nix that leaves me having to let the steam out from under my collar a time or two.

Dominick is a mechanic hit hard by the failing economy. Mia is the woman whose car breaks down on the highway, and for whom he just happens to stop. An unexpected service call three days later leads him to her ice cream parlor, where she lets him in on her dirty little back room secret; the one her special patrons pay top dollar for. Unfortunately, the machine she uses to manufacture her VIP product has broken down, and she needs someone discreet to take the job. Just how will Mia convince him to keep his silence? Chances are, she'll do just about anything.

Alice May Ball has her own sexy tale to tell about a BBW that meats (pun/misspelling definitely intended) a rockstar in My Rockstar's Rhythm of Lust. Sexy and daring things happen, things I won't condone or recommend, that are hotter than hot. Sex on a Motorcycle! That's all I have to say folks. Let the authoress speak for herself.

School was out for summer and I was out to celebrate with a few other teachers. Blaze, a notorious, international rockstar walked into the club where we were drinking. He came right up to our table. And right up to me.

We practically had wild sex right there on the dance floor. We did have wild sex on his way to a show. And at the show. We had the wildest sex of that night on his Harley Davidson, speeding down the dark highway.

If that doesn't turn your head, I don't know what will.

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My Rockstar's Rhythm of Lust is Sexy and Fast Paced

Overall: ★★★★

Rockstar's Rhythm of lust is a fast paced, sexy thriller that leaves you wanting more. More of the story and
more in the bedroom. A daredevil of a Rockstar meets a woman looking to get out of control. I found it refreshing, dark and dangerous. I don't promote having sex in any of these places in real life, but in fiction, it sure is fun to read about!!

Authors Description:

School was out for summer and I was out to celebrate with a few other teachers. Blaze, a notorious, international rockstar walked into the club where we were drinking. He came right up to our table. And right up to me.

We practically had wild sex right there on the dance floor. We did have wild sex on his way to a show. And at the show. We had the wildest sex of that night on his Harley Davidson, speeding down the dark highway.

And that was to be the start of the ride of my life.

This 6,203 words story contains very EXPLICIT scenes of sex. Public sex, outdoor sex, and some very adult varieties of sex. It is definitely unsuitable for readers under 18. 18+ only. XXX, triple-R. And not advised if you are offended by GRAPHIC descriptions of sex, or bad language.

Originality: ★★★★

I've seen the rockstar troupe... a lot lately. But the way Alice May Ball pulls it off is sexy, nuanced and downright scary at times. I was pretty impressed with the way she wrote.

Character Development: ★★★

For the nature of the piece this they were well developed. I liked the way she had them move and interact with one another, but there were times when Blaze fell flat. We didn't know much about him, other than he was a famous rockstar. The female character is well developed, I know about her past, she feels three dimensional but Blaze feels like a dream at times. I thought overall it was well done, just missing a few of those pieces.


In a couple of places the dialogue was a bit confused. It threw me a little bit, but over all it was edited well. I enjoyed reading it and I enjoyed the flow of the editing.

The Sex: 
Yeah, this was by far the best part. Oh My God. Sex on a motorcycle. I had to find out if this was even possible. The answer is yes- if you are a psychopath. So in short, unless you are crazy like Blaze. Don't do it. You could die. But read about it, where it is safe and sexy and sinful. Read about it in Alice May Ball's Book because it is low priced at 2.99 and a very sinful read. 

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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Bitten By Deceit is deceitfully romantic, sexy and exciting.

Overall: ★★★★☆ (3.5)

Shawntelle Madison creates a quick, action packed story that leaves you wanting more. And more of the characters. It is sexy, well written and very exciting. I recommend this for shifter fans everywhere who want a quick read. I love the way the story is set up, the romance between the characters and the strong action, but what I am missing is some character development, a little bit of background and a prequel!

Find it on Amazon for only .99 cents! What a steal!

Originality: ★★★★

Bewitched almost zombie-like shifters. You have my attention. This is original, smart, fast paced and very eye catching.  Shifters have been done and done and done again but I  keep coming back to them. Because being a shifter is only part of the story. The story goes much deeper than that, and when it is a power struggle with romance and sexual tension, well that gets me going.

Character Development: ★★★

This was the part that was lacking the most for me. I felt like I came in at the 2nd book. So I looked for the first, and I couldn't find it everywhere. I needed that first book to get to know the already established characters. I felt like connections and things were a bit out of place, so I couldn't always understand them. Or sympathize with them. But there were parts were I could, so I felt like Madison did a good job at it. Hence the 3 stars. 


Professionally done. 

The Romance:  

These two definitely have chemistry. It was well written and I could feel it in my bones. I wanted to see it blossom and develop further. I wanted to know what was going to happen to them. And I wanted to read what had happened that made them fall in love in the first place. 

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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Lousiana Shifters Go to Scotland- Review of Quick Bites: Edinburgh

Overall: ★★★★★

I loved the original series. Seriously. Loved it. This honesty overshot my own expectations. I was excited and happy to read this and at a .99 Cent Price Point Over at Amazon it is more than worth the purchase. In fact, that is almost criminally low and I would grab it before it flies off the shelf.

Originality: ★★★★

Traveling Shifters trying to unite packs. Uh, yeah. I call that original. This hits everything on my list. It has adventure, sex, romance, more sex. Oh, and did I mention sex? I love that I don't have to put Maddie and Jasper away, that their adventures continue. Because, well, I would miss them too much.

Character Development: ★★★★

You have a situation where the characters have already been developed but now you have to see them shift into new roles (hehehe, get it, shift. Okay, take my keyboard away now people). And Wood does it effortlessly. She provides the context for the characters to shift and move, but she also provides a seamless transition.


Professionally done. 

The Sex:  

Hot. The sex occurs all of the place. It is hot and steamy but also well written. I am very happy to tell you that I fully endorse this piece. The sexual tension is amazing and the way she subtly (or not so subtly) hints at things using sex. Well, it has my attention. 

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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Doctor Doctor Tell Me The Reviews!

Overall: ★★★★★

Once again I am making my way back into M/M Erotica and loving it. This Medical Fantasy piece is sweet, short and exciting. I am very impressed with what Scarlet Cox puts out.

My M/M Review list is growing, just like... well. You get point.

For the meat (ahem, I can't stop myself) about this work:

With a demanding wife and trouble between the sheets, Theo Newton is finding it impossible to get an erection any more. Facing scorn at home, he seeks help from hunky Doctor Groves.

Groves' methods are unorthodox, but the British doctor knows exactly what he's doing, and he isn't willing to give up on a patient.

Can Theo find a cure, or will all the good doctor's efforts be for nothing?

Click on the pic to purchase!

EXPLICIT CONTENT: This 5,500 word short story features steamy oral and anal sex, rimming, humiliation and BDSM. Not for the faint-hearted!

Originality: ★★★★

I loved the way it was set up. I have read medical erotica before and found it to be... less than thrilling. Scarlet manages to make it exciting, thrilling and well... hot. I think that deserves a five star originality. 

Character Development: ★★★★

This has just enough character development that I don't want for more, I don't ask for it. I want the sex and I want it now. I was satisfied with the way the doctor and the patient were depicted. It was erotic without having any romantic strings. Something that usually is a turn off for me. But what can I say? I liked this piece. 


Professional editing. I am so pleased that most of the self-published authors I have read lately have been so well done. This is another example

The Sex:  

OMG crazy insane, sexy. I mean seriously. I had to clench my sheets a few times while I read this in bed before sleep. My husband thought I was having a seizure. (I know, not a super sexy image, but still) because I was trying so hard not to turn a million shades of red. 

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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New Releases

My completed series, Ain't Settlin' is now available as a full series, at a discounted rate of 6.99 it is more affordable than buying each book separately. I really enjoyed writing the series and hopefully there are many more BBW tales to come!

This is the complete Ain't Settlin' Series, not a stand alone title. It is a compilation of Ain't Settlin', Hang On and Hold Tight.

Holly can't wait to get out of the city and back to her aunt's ranch where things were slower and calmer. Except that it has a new foreman and he can't wait to see Holly again.

This BBW Romantic Short contains 30,000 words of frustration, excitement and hot steamy sex that is not for the faint of heart. All characters depicted are 18 and over.

She just stood there, looking every bit a fool. She didn't know what to say. Jensen grabbed a hold of her and pulled her into him, his angry lips swooping down onto hers, taking her with him. His kiss was intense and rough, his lips firm against hers, taking what he wanted. She was lost in him. Lost in his touch, his grasp firm as he assaulted her mouth. She kissed him back with that same strong passion, holding her own and before she knew it they were kissing again and again, his tongue invading her mouth, exploring her.
He pulled apart from her and looked into her eyes, "My place. Now."

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The Mine: A Love Story Worth Digging For

Overall: ★★★★★ (4.5 Rounded up)

I feel like I can't go wrong lately, all of the works I have been gifted to read and review have been spectacular. This non-erotic romance is no exception. I loved it. I enjoyed the story line, the plot and the development of characters. If the ending hadn't felt so rushed it would have been a solid 5 star review.

Originality: ★★★★

Maybe the idea of time travel is not original but there were no flying boxes or cars that traveled back in time, so I felt like the approach was original. Plus the plot twists and turns really added to what I felt was genuine originality. Heldt reaches into the inner depths of his mind and his historical knowledge and pulls out a well written, originally thought out piece. Very impressive.

Character Development: ★★★★

There may be light spoilers here, but nothing too extreme- I promise. I do want to warn you though. I love the way the characters were developed. I felt like for the most part the were three dimensional and had a lot of back story. But I had a few issues here, so I can't give it four stars. There were times when I felt like this aspect was rushed. When Joel first went back in time and at the end when the resolution was occurring.  His grandmother both in the past and present could stand to be a little more developed and have a bit more back story. That being said, it was done exceedingly well for the debut piece and I am pleased to have read it.


John Heldt is a librarian by trade, so I would expect nothing less. 

The Romance: 

Normally I entitle this section "The Sex" but when it comes to romances like this, it doesn't apply. And I really need to include "l'amore" as my nerdy husband calls it. The historical romance of this section is beautiful. The tension is just right, the writing is sweet. This author knows his stuff! I fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other.

Please, go buy this book. Support us indie authors. And while you are at it, check out my other reviews!

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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The Game is Naughty and Taboo, And a M/M Forbidden Tale That is Sure to Please.

Overall: ★★★★★ (4.5 Rounded up)

I love to dip into Erotica every once in a while instead of romance to get some flavor and to look at the world through a more diverse scope. Today I am looking at The Game by Nora Nix. I was pretty fascinated by it and I know our readers of the first time M/M genre will be too.

This is a little different from what I usually review but not completely off base (I did review Skye Eagleday's Virgin (Gay Werewolf) piece).

Here is some info about this debut piece from Nora Nix.

"All Vince wanted was some company for the big game. But when his friends choose to ditch him, Vince is left with only Paul, the quiet, Southern outsider of their group. As the two knock back beers and pizza, Paul makes a bet with Vince that will change their relationship forever, and Vince is left wondering what exactly he has gotten himself into - and just what game is being played now."

Originality: ★★★★

I think writing from a reluctant male standpoint is difficult. Especially when he is trying to ignore his desires and be the "straight man" that society wants him to be. This piece does that well, it includes the language, the worries, but it also makes it sexy.

Character Development: ★★★★

I loved what was developed so far, but I wanted a tad bit more (and a bit more length) so I decided it was a 4 for me (or a 4.4). I wanted to see a bit more into Vince's personality. I wanted to hear a bit more. Maybe understand the aftermath of it all. But I get that it was a steamy short (and I love stroke fiction). 


The word choice is exceptional, the grammar is spectacular. This author published piece was excellently done. I am not sure if Nora has an editor or not, but whatever she is doing, it is great.

The Sex:  

I had to pop my collar a few times this was so hot. I loved the way you have some reluctance (inside his head, it wasn't a dub-con piece), and the tension is just right. It left me wanting more. I can't wait to read the next installment. 

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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Country Roads: A Road You Are Reluctant To Turn Off Of

Overall: ★★★★★

So, keeping with the West Virginia theme, I explored Country Roads by Nancy Herkness and was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

(Copied Excerpt)

"Nancy Herkness welcomes readers back to Sanctuary, West Virginia, where family loyalty leads to sparkling love, with the help of a whisper horse.

When sheltered Julia Castillo flees her hometown, she has just one goal: to prove to her overbearing family once and for all that she can make it on her own. After she moves to Sanctuary, West Virginia, her horse paintings take the art world by storm. Yet Julia finds her courage tested as never before—by her love for a handsome country lawyer, by her bond with a dangerous black stallion, and by the secret she is so desperate to keep…"

Originality: ★★★★

The idea of West Virginia as a center for art is original. Not unprecedented, but I have never seen West Virginia depicted this way. It is fresh, gives WV the culture it deserves to have, and it gives the state depth. I love West Virginia. I visit a lot, I live an hour from the state line. I want to see positive things come out of it, not just negative. This does that, and it does it in a (mostly) believable way. I like the attention given to horses, it is part of the series, but this is a great stand alone work. One I happily dove into.

Character Development: ★★★★

Herkness hit it out of the park for me. Sure, sometimes it was a little cheesy (I am not a fan of motorcycles) but it was good and it made sense. She has complex characters with wants, desires, needs and fears. And she wields them well. I love the way Julia develops, comes alive in front of my eyes and the way that Paul responds and also seemingly comes alive. The intricacy made me turn the pages, and I looked forward to reading this one. I can't wait to go deeper in the series.


Superb. Montlake Romance is an Amazon subsidiary and I appreciated the attention to detail. I also love the syntax and word choice of the author.

The Sex:  

This is a romance novel, so it is not as... graphic as an Erotic Romance but it was very good and the tension was both believable and page turning. I found myself slowing down at these parts, hoping to savor it. It was tame enough that I would recommend it to family, but I still found it exciting.

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

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Ain't Settlin' 3 is available! Plus, Reviews you will see soon!

Hold Tight: Book 3  of the Ain't Settlin' Series is available!

I finally finished the last installment of Ain't Settlin', a country romance between BBW Holly Sidwell and foreman hunk  Jensen Williams. (I know, hunk is so corny, but I love that word. Yes, yes. I keep it out of my books.) It is over twice the length of the first work, because the readers asked for it.

It is already available in Smashwords, and All Romance E-books and Amazon.

I can't wait to see what country western title my head comes up with next, I love writing them! And BBW romances are a special favorite of mine. Look for more coming soon!

Review Pipeline: Country Roads

My last review was about Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and this next review is going to be about that very same state. I love West Virginia, and visit it often, being only an hour from the border to such beauty. The Appalachians are my favorite mountains, but no place showcases their beauty like WV.

I am half way through this book and absoutely loving it. I suggest you pick up a copy if you can and read along with me. My review is coming soon, so if you would rather wait, that is fine, but at 3.99 for the quality and the length, I highly recommend that you purchase it and read along with me.