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Ain't Settlin': My Hit New Romance Short

Holly can't wait to get out of the city and back to her aunt's ranch where things were slower and calmer. Except that it has a new foreman and he can't wait to see Holly again.

This BBW Romantic Short contains 6.5 K words of frustration, excitement and hot steamy sex that is not for the faint of heart. All characters depicted are 18 and over.

Lately romance has been on my mind, so I changed my direction and settled myself into a more comfortable territory. Country Romance. Having grown up out in the sticks, this was like a return to home for me. Even if I live in a major metropolitan area now, I can remember my teenage years and the smell of a field after a fresh rain.

So I wrote about what I knew.

Ain't Settlin' is a country romance that takes place between a hunk of a foreman and an everyday girl who never imagined someone so handsome could have been pining after her.

But don't listen to me, check out the Amazon Reviews (Source)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,906 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#89 in Books > Romance > Western
#93 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Romance > Westerns

5.0 out of 5 stars Short, steamy, and sweet! July 29, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
Short, steamy, and sweet! Veronica Hardy's Ain't Settling is set in on a lushly detailed working ranch out west, a place where 'real' cowboys roam. The scenery is a gorgeous backdrop for the brief, pulse-racing story of smart city-girl Holly and Jensen, a mysterious hottie that runs the ranch.
Ain't Settling may be a short story, but it packs a big punch. The characters are complex and captivating. The sex is hot and satisfying. Ms. Hardy outlines the beginning of a little mystery, which I assume will be developed as the series continues.
This makes for a some great erotica because the author managed to pull me into Holly's story and make me care about her life and opinions; this made Holly's attraction to Jensen more sexy and fun to read.
I couldn't stop turning the pages, and when I finished the story all I wanted to do was read more. I will absolutely follow this series to see what's in store for Holly and Jensen.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Very good start ;) July 30, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This was a very good start to a story that I hope the authoress continues. Yes, it was short, but it was compact and made a very good foundation for a continuation. The author's style of writing was well done, and though things moved quickly they didn't move too quickly or seem unrealistic ( As the h I would have slept with the H when she did as well, and even though it was only a day or so after first meeting again).

I look forward to the second part of this story. The only thing that I would recommend is that I hope that it is longer than the first, and only because the author was such a pleasure to read!

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The Louisiana Shifter's Collection is Edgy, Complex, Action Packed and Down Right Sexy.

Overall: ★★★★★


Vivan Wood manages to create a steamy, sexy series that titillates and plays on your heartstrings as she weaves a tale of a shifter clans Louisiana and Alabama.  Packed with romance, hot sex, and even hotter Alphas I stayed up long into the night reading this awesome trilogy. None of her characters fall flat as they develop, providing a sultry tail that had me on my toes, always wondering what would happen next.

The Louisiana Shifter’s Collection includes: Shifter In Ascent, Shifter’s Dream, and Shifter’s Legacy.

Shifter in Ascent follows the story of Tessa and Jace. Tessa is a confused, grief stricken woman who wants nothing more than to rescue someone most dear at almost any cost. But that is where Jace gets in the way, tugging at her heart strings and pulling her into the Shifter world. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster with this piece, clinging too tightly to Tessa that I could feel what she felt and experience what she experienced. Desire what she desired. Between the action and the plot twists I felt like I was on the edge of my seat, scared and excited to find out what happened next. I found myself always wanting to know what happened next and crying out (to the dismay of my slumbering husband) when the story was finally over. If you enjoy a steamy story and lots of action that leaves you feeling like you just can’t read fast enough, this is for you.

Shifter’s Dream is a short piece, but a beautiful one, following Emma and Connall as the male shifter reaches out after the woman of his dreams, literally. It had a great plot, awesome action sequences and dreamy characters that could fuel any reader’s dreams.

Shifter’s Legacy was my favorite, by far. Edgy and fast paced, the story follows Jace’s little sister, Maddie as she finds love in a place she wasn’t expecting. Her own mate. I loved the feistiness and stubbornness of both characters and was really excited (double entendre intended) to experience romance through the characters’ eyes. The Legion is a big threat, topped with inner turmoil of the clans and Maddie’s own inner monologue I couldn’t put it down. I loved the way it followed her while still updating me on Jace and Tessa, giving me that closure I so desperately wanted. Another action packed romance that I had to see through to the end.

My own question is: Who’s next? Rhett, Declan, Kat or Shaw, I have to read more.

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Review Policy

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Review Policy:
  1. I will read almost any kind of erotica or romance- indie or traditionally published. I will also accept essays relating to sexuality.  This is with the exception of individuals depicted under the age of 18 and bestiality. 
  2. Please only submit works that are edited, well written, and well formatted. (For Editing, please email and I will discuss my policy with you personally).
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  8. I will also post the review to Amazon and Goodreads (and anywhere else you specify), noting that I got a free copy
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Fighting Destiny- Amelia Hutchins. Review

Fighting Destiny a sexy erotic romance that is sure to knock your socks off, if you can see past the rough edges. 

Overall: ★★★★☆

This book drummed up a lot of commotion over on on Facebook 's Erotic Book Club in the past few months, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to see what it was all about. I read review after review of the work, most of which were extremely positive despite the attention called to the lack of editing of the piece. So with guarded yet baited breath I dove in and was....

Pleasantly surprised. The plot immediately pulled me in, they were assassins and secret agents, people of power and mystery.

"Confirmed, Syn—be careful.  There's no contingency plan,” Adam replied

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,”
I said with more bravado than I was currently feeling.

If I got caught we cut ties. 

 I continued through the work, unable to put it down, despite some hiccups, and felt myself growing attached to the characters. It is very apparent that Author Amelia Hutchins poured her soul into this little gem, giving us a steamy, passion filled romance.

Cover: ★★★★

The cover pulled me in, it is one of the more professional covers I have seen for works of Erotic Fantasy/Romance. I want to know who did it so that I can commission them myself. 

Originality: ★★★★

I love the idea of a Fae World (I am currently working on a novella/novel in that genre as we speak!), so it comes as no surprise that Fae would peak my interest, but it isn't what makes it original. The way she executes a story about the Fae is.

The Fae are out and the humans know about them.   It is a world of magical realism where technology, magic and the Fae collide. The Fae are the top tier of social class and they are ballsy. 

The Fae's preferred method to generate the highest emotion in humans was through sex.  Seems there was some truth to those old stories about Succubi and Incubi and the Fae not only consumed emotions—they could also take all or part of the soul while feeding.

Plot ★★★★
I loved the romance plot. I loved the Fae/Transition plot. I felt like they were well thought out and that they had very good buildups, pinch points, climaxes and resolutions. I was very impressed. Though I have to say that the main "crime" story could have been better. It was predictable and in places felt hurried (I don't want to give away too much, so I am being careful not to include details). I found myself not so much caring about that aspect of it, but turning page after page to find out what is going to happen between Syn and Ryder. Especially when old flames rear their ugly heads.

Over all, I thought it was really well done. I can't wait to see the plot layout for the next installment of the series. 

Character Development ★★★★
I felt like the character development was well done. It was thought out and well rounded, while at the same time being very deep and working well with the plot. There were areas that could have been addressed a bit more, things that could have been teased out with the two main characters, but overall I felt very satisfied.

Oh sweet baby Jesus, what the hell had I just agreed to do? The blood in my body was draining to one place, and it was as good of an excuse to use as any.  When I was around Ryder, I spoke gibberish, and my brain was located in my nether region.  I had to get away from him and fast before I did something I would live to regret.  You didn’t sleep with a man like Ryder and walk away the same woman you had been before.  If I gave in, things would change inside of me, forever.

There were times when I did want more from the secondary characters. Larissa for example, it felt like there was more to her story. Sometimes I felt like we shouldn't trust her, even. Several times Syn questions her. I need more there.

Oh and Z. What is his story? That sounds like a sexy spin-off all its own.

Editing: ★★

This is where Ms. Hutchin needs a little help. It's a diamond in the rough but nothing a good (or great) line editor can't fix. (Hint, Hint, If you are reading this, Ms. Amelia: This professional editor would be more than happy to go through your work.)

There are overused words, underused commas, general punctuation issues, some word choice issues, and the general need for some cleaning up here and there. But, despite this, the read is still worth it (if you can tolerate those kinds of things).

I know, I know, there is a huge push from Self-Published Authors to be as spotless as we can be in our writing, and I don't blame them. But really, if you like Alpha-Romances, this one (while it could use a good editor, *ahem*) is worth it.

The Sex ★★★★

Come on, admit it. This is the most important part of this piece, of any piece, really. The part that you can't wait to get to when you open this book.

Warning: Contains some hinting at Dubious Consent. This is somewhat sexy but also a little scary, though not unprecedented (seriously- go look. Dubious Consent, AKA DubCon, is a huge seller on Amazon). Even Terry Goodkind has it in his Sword of Truth books. I'm okay with it (Hell, I even wrote some DubCon) .

Ryder released my face and moved to the end of the exam table, deftly lifting himself up and moving my legs around his hips as he did so.  I groaned as he lifted my body, slowly, effortlessly.  His hands placing my own over his shoulders as his slid gently down my back.  I ground myself against him and enjoyed the deep rumble that ripped from his chest.  I was on fire, and he was the cure.

Except that Hutchin's doesn't get to the actual sex until several chapters later! The teasing and titillation kept me from screaming in frustration (and throwing my book out the window), but also made me burn thought this book in less than five hours (straight, because I am insane that way).

But when you do finally get to the sex... it is worth the wait. I'm not going to add any sexy excerpts because I want to keep it clean and save you from any spoilers.

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at 

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I was so pleased to get the chance to sit down and talk with Silvia Waters last week. She is a very talented writer and is a boundary pusher on the cutting edge. I highly encourage you to check out her Amazon Catalog.

Veronica Hardy: Thank you for agreeing to interview, your work seems very interesting. Especially
The Billionaire Cowboy. Definitely a twist I was not expecting, usually Billionaires are
businessmen but not Texas Tycoons. Can you tell us what your inspiration was for a piece like that?

Silvia Waters: Hello Veronica. I saw masses of these billionaire erotica books being written, many of the cover photos were men in suits that had a business feel to them. I thought it would be mind numbingly boring to write about somebody that has just made money in business and wears a suit all the time. I wanted to create a character that was more than just that and had a bit more personality than just being labelled "billionaire."

VH: What made you want to write a man like Chuck? Can you tell us a little bit about him and what drove his character?

SW: Chuck is a regular, simple guy that has just got a big break. I always believed Chuck had a kind heart and was endearing in that he was using his money to live out his childhood fantasy of being a cowboy. I don't think I included it in the book but I always pictured the mother of James, Chuck's son was always after his money and had recently divorced him.

Jenny is equally kind hearted and likes Chuck for who he is, rather than his money, although unfortunately things do not work out between them.

VH: What inspired you to write in this genre? Do you hope to branch out into any other areas? Have you already written in other genres?

SW: If I am being completely honest, I initially began with the genre because it is popular. Writing about billionaires does go further than just money however. I can not speak from experience but I assume meaningful relationships are one of the only things a billionaire can not acquire at the snap of the fingers

My next set of books to be released are all in different genres and I intend to follow whichever genre is the most popular.

I am aiming to write some sillier stories, I saw somebody mention they write 1 alternative story for every 3 of their niche. An idea I had was Tentacle and Juliet, I just got this image of a woman leaning out over a stone balcony, shouting into the skies,
"Tentacle, Tentacle! Wherefore art thou Tentacle?"

The thought made me giggle but I don't think I would write it, the tentacle genre does not appeal to me. If anybody wanted to write that, 10% cut sounds fine.

I eventually hope to branch out away from erotica, my aim to create a steady cash flow that allows me the freedom to pursue the dream of being a respected author. I already have a number of unfinished stories that are currently in hiatus I plan on finishing should I get the opportunity.

VH: You have a good library of confessional sex. What made you gravitate towards that area?

SW: I had the idea of somebody that had found true love and then thought about all the boyfriends she had in the past, picturing what life would be like had she married them. The series did not prove popular enough so unfortunately I am writing different stories now.

VH: Have the actions of your characters ever separated from the plan? Do they ever have a mind of their own?

SW: I begin with a plan of maybe one hundred words or less and then begin the writing, usually the stories stick to the plan but there have been many times when things have deviated. I have written a line of dialogue and thought "No, he/she would not say that." I think due to the length of the stories, it is difficult for the characters to veer too far away.

VH: What have you learned about your writing style, as you write and publish? Is there anything that has
changed radically in the process?

SW: I have learned my writing process is quite fast. At the moment I am writing near 3,000 words a day. The day of my very first sale I was so excited I wrote something like 4500 words.

I forget who it was but I was reading an article about an author in the mid 20th century. He started as a lawyer and the article mentioned he wrote 3,000 words every day. The article italicised the number and said that averaged over a million words a year and accompanied it with a series of exclamation points. I thought, Hey! I'm doing that many. I did not think it was particularly impressive, although I must applaud him for doing that much with a job.

I also noticed, a bit unrelated, after an evening of drinking with my friends, the next day my productivity was shot. My mind wandered all over the place and I got about 500 words written that day. How Hemingway managed to do it is amazing.

In the process of writing, I gave dictating a trial. I got the software set up and had a microphone in hand and began speaking. The software did not seem to agree with my thick British accent, after a few minutes I had a paragraph containing sentences such as "the elbow man five car." I promptly deleted the paragraph and after telling the software to "Fuck off" uninstalled it. Funnily enough I think that phrase was the first one it spelled correctly.

My writing has definitely got more explicit as I continue to write. I initially began trying to be tasteful and avoided using crude words to describe sexual acts, that has changed. I think in this genre it does not pay to hold back, something titled "My True Love" will probably not sell as much as something named "Fucked by A Giraffe."

In that way I think this genre is very unique. Authors of non-erotic fiction often have their editors and publishers completely change the feel of the story if they want them to, in erotica the rules are different. A family member managed to organise an interview with a famous author, I won't mention his name but his most famous work is a Hollywood movie including A list stars. He said to her he was on his seventh revision of his newest book, his publisher kept telling him it was too dark.

My opinions on editors and publishers doing that are mixed. While I think they would be very useful in helping the prose stick to the story, altering the story to what the author had not intended is something I do not like.

Consider with me, if you will, other art forms such as painting. Can you imagine da Vinci finally finishing the Mona Lisa, he hurriedly runs to his editor, "It is finished!" He cries. The editor takes a look at it and says, "It is good, but people really like glasses at the moment." The editor walks up and draws a pair of glasses on her, stands back and admires the work. "Now you can release it."

That is essentially what some publishers and editors do.

VH: What do you enjoy the most about the writing process?

SW: I think finishing a piece is a uniquely satisfying feeling and is probably my favourite part. Having a picture of a story in your head and putting it down in-front of you. That's what this is all about, isn't it?

I have a friend that talks about a story in his head that he wants to write, I keep telling him to sit down and write it but he is waiting for the right time. It is a real shame, that book will never get written.

On the flip side, finishing a piece is also my least favourite part of the writing process because that means editing begins. I did not realise before writing how dull editing was. I wake up in cold sweats from nightmares where I have a novel to edit.

I dream of the day I can sit in a reclined deckchair, watching the sun disappear behind the horizon and never have to edit a piece again.

VH: What is your latest project? What was the most difficult aspect about writing it? The most
rewarding aspect?

I have four books I am writing at the moment, two are 90% done. One of these latest works is in the werewolf genre. I would say the most difficult part is writing the werewolf's actions, I find it hard to imagine how they would react in certain ways.

Good endings I find more difficult than the other parts to produce. At the pace I am writing, I struggle to think up memorable and unpredictable endings for all the stories I complete but it is something I am working on.

I would say the most rewarding aspect is getting sales and not for monetary reasons. When I see the sales number increase, I can't believe somebody, somewhere in the world is reading my story right now. I often step back and think about what the internet has done, someone that could be at the other side of the world is now reading a story I finished less than a day ago. Fifteen or so years ago, if you proposed this idea it would be unfathomable.

Sylvia Waters is a 30-something year old single mother that lives by the sea. Between juggling kids and a job, she finds the time to read and write erotica

Check out her latest work:

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Review: Virgin (Gay Werewolf) - Skye Eagle Day

 Immediately I found myself sympathizing with the main character, Joshua. He feels pathetic, alone as he separates from his pack, unable to change. The idea of feeling alone, or not good enough is something that a lot of people can identify with at least at some point in their lives and it pulls the reader in.

It doesn't stop there though, Skye Eagleday continues to pull the reader in with the sexy allusions to Joshua's sexual orientation and his interest in handsome roommate Chad. Chad is inquisitive and he knows Joshua is hiding a secret, a secret more important that he keep than any other. Chad will go to extreme lengths to get his scoop, but how far will he go for this one?

The sex is hot, the writing is good and it really satisfies any werelust you may be having post Twilight. What Skye Eagleday does is pull you in with a good story, a very sympathetic character and then takes you through the emotional ride he goes through as he changes and grows. I found myself having to slow down several times because I wanted to savor the book, enjoy the literary candy and imagine the scene. It was that good.

Pick it up today.

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Summer Lovin' and What I Am Up To.

Greetings readers,

My blog has been pretty sparse lately. Perhaps because I have been so busy enjoying the development of so many characters and their summer lovin' adventures. As you know, I have a tendency to work on many projects at once, my mind constantly moving and flowing, coming up with new ideas that I just can't put away.

Recently I have been working on two full fledged novels (I will give you a hint, one is about a sexy Alpha Cowboy and another is about a Tantalizing Succubus) as well as finishing up my Naught Nursemaid series (look for the final installment out in the next couple of weeks!).

I have also been reading to gain inspiration. Next up on my reading list is Wendy S. Hale's work:
Look for a Review Coming Soon!

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Interview with Ellen Dominick

The other day I came across a beautiful short story entitled The Rope and I knew that I had to ask the author her thought process. So, when the author, Ellen Dominick, asked to interview me I just knew I had to interview her. She has a new book out:

Mind Control 101: Hypnotizing My Big Brother's Best Friend

College students Trevor and Lindsey are taking an introductory psychology class when they are assigned a group project together. Lindsey has always had feelings for her big brother's best friend, and hypnosis might be just the way for her to get more than just a good grade. She convinces him to drop his clothes, show off his muscles, and fill her to the brim with something a little sexier than his school smarts. Can she keep herself from pushing him over the edge, and will their hot after school activities be enough to get them an "A?"

Ellen Dominick has been writing professionally since 2002. Even though she has written for many newspapers and magazines, Ellen has always had a passion for fiction. So now she is diving into the wild world of erotica.

Ellen has lived all over the world, but she loves to visit Tokyo and buy hand braided bondage ropes whenever she can. 

Veronica Hardy: Thank you for your presence here on this blog. Your work The Rope is fantastic and free for the viewers. Can you tell us what your inspiration was for a piece like that?

Ellen Dominick: I guess I was exposed to the concept of bondage ropes at a very young age. I was an anime geek with not a lot of parental supervision, so I stumbled across kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage) pretty early on. Since I’ve gotten older it’s always been one of my favorite kinks, so it makes sense that I’d have to write about it, right?

I was actually worried that no one would be interested, since I don’t see a lot of fiction featuring Japanese style bondage. But the piece has had a pretty good reception. Also, I think a lot of beginner bondage lovers could relate to messing up, but still wanting to try again.

VH: What inspired you to write in this genre? Do you hope to branch out into any other areas?

ED: I’ve written in all sorts of genres, and erotica is just the latest. I just love writing regardless of genre, fiction, or non-fiction. It’s what I’ve always known I was supposed to do, and what I’ve always done.

I was also a pretty precocious kid, and the first thing I ever wrote was a kind of erotic fairy tale. So I guess it was always a genre I wanted to explore. Plus it’s fun!

VH: You have two very exciting series out, Training Kate and She’s The Billionaire. One features female submission, the other female domination. Which do you prefer to write? What provides a challenge in writing these different perspectives?`

ED: I don’t know if I could pick one as my favorite!

I get an added satisfaction from writing femdom because there are so many depictions of submissive and weak women in our society that it feels good to push another strong lady out there. At the same time, that’s what makes it harder to write. There are fewer examples to draw from since it’s not really something you encounter unless you go looking for it.

At the same time, I love certain kinds of female submission. In Training Kate there are a lot of different interactions going on. It’s not just a weak woman giving in to some strong alpha male. Kate is taken in and dominated by an older woman and man, their maids, and nearly everyone else. But she even turns the tables sometimes. The challenge for me in writing female submission is how to write it and not fall into the same old tropes.

VH: You have several works in the BDSM genre and I have noticed that you have written works that have physical but also psychological domination. What would you say fuels your desire to write in these areas?

ED: The main thing about BDSM for me is power. I’ve spent a lot of years studying power relationships between nations, races, and people, so I guess it’s a subject I’m interested in all areas of my life.

Writing about BDSM lets you ask a lot of interesting questions. Who has the power? How do they wield it? What is it like to be the person without the power? Does one person ever really have all the power? I could go on. So writing these stories is a fun and sexy way to explore all of these questions, even if I can’t answer them.

VH: Have there been any moments in which your characters have done something too intense for you? You know, those collar popping moments.

ED: Well, even though I've fantasized about it, I don’t think I could sell myself to strangers as a sexual slave! Also, I’m not sure how I would actually feel about being attacked by a tentacle monster. But actually, I’m pretty open to a lot of things!

VH: What have you learned about your writing style, as you write and publish? Is there anything that has changed radically in the process?

ED: I am actually really thankful to have started this whole journey into erotica. I used to have a debilitating perfectionism that just stopped me from getting anything out. So when I began, I told myself just to write to have fun and not worry if I’m as lyrical as Nabokov.

In the process, I’ve learned that I can put out something that I’m not ashamed of and that people can enjoy without rewriting each line 100 times. I think I’m also learning a lot more about how to tell a story and get people interested in characters, rather than just loving delicate prose.

VH: What do you enjoy the most about the writing process?

ED: I love being surprised! I never used to plot, ever, and that’s why a lot of my stories would fail. I've finally figured out how to have the structure of plotting along with the surprise of flying by my pants. Characters will do the most unexpected things if you let them!

VH: What is your latest project? What was the most difficult aspect about writing it? The most rewarding aspect?

ED: My latest project was the second part of my Mind Control 101 books. It’s not exactly a series, since each of the books can be read on their own. The first is from the point of view of a young man who hypnotizes his classmate. The latest one is from her point of view when she hypnotizes him.

It was difficult to go over the same situation and not make it boring for the reader who may have read the male side of the story. It also was important to me for her personality to shine through. But I was happy to make her a participant in the whole event, and not just a victim. Turnabout is fair play, right?

Ellen is right, turnabout is fair play and Lindsey is certainly taking advantage in Mind Control 101: Hypnotizing My Big Brother's Best Friend