Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Virgin (Gay Werewolf) - Skye Eagle Day

 Immediately I found myself sympathizing with the main character, Joshua. He feels pathetic, alone as he separates from his pack, unable to change. The idea of feeling alone, or not good enough is something that a lot of people can identify with at least at some point in their lives and it pulls the reader in.

It doesn't stop there though, Skye Eagleday continues to pull the reader in with the sexy allusions to Joshua's sexual orientation and his interest in handsome roommate Chad. Chad is inquisitive and he knows Joshua is hiding a secret, a secret more important that he keep than any other. Chad will go to extreme lengths to get his scoop, but how far will he go for this one?

The sex is hot, the writing is good and it really satisfies any werelust you may be having post Twilight. What Skye Eagleday does is pull you in with a good story, a very sympathetic character and then takes you through the emotional ride he goes through as he changes and grows. I found myself having to slow down several times because I wanted to savor the book, enjoy the literary candy and imagine the scene. It was that good.

Pick it up today.