Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elliquiy and what it means to me.

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Elliquiy is the single best adult role playing website on the internet (in my humble opinion). You can pretend to be a mechanic on Serenity fighting along side Mal, you can work with the Doctor to solve the mysteries of the Universe or you can give Mr. Grey a piece of your mind. The possibilities are endless. Elliquiy had a birthday recently. 8 years. 

Elliquiy gives me inspiration, it has helped me to make kinky friends. It has been a stable part of my life since I began this journey as an Erotic Writer. I have found friends who were interested in my work, who became beta readers and editors. Who became close. Without elliquiy I would not have an outlet to play through ideas and fantasies that have been bouncing around in my mind. Without elliquiy I would not get writing practice which makes me a better writer. It is an important part of my life. And it is free.

But not for all of us. The individual who runs Elliquiy pays out of his own pocket and through donations to keep the ball rolling. To increase server space and to purchase the equipment to run his own server. Because he doesn't want to ruin the experience with ads. 

So, be you a voyeur or a writer, I ask you to check Elliquiy out. Apply for a membership. Even support them financially if you have the power. The people there are kind, caring and make writing erotica more fun than I thought it could possibly be. They are encouraging and often times become real friends. 

As soon as I can figure out how to put a permanent bar on my website to advertise for them I will. For free. Because that is how much I love that site. 

Thank you Elliquiy, for opening doors for me.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Naughty Night School: I Milked My Teacher. Sneak Peak!


Sitting in night class each night tracing over my name while I ignore a raging boner throbbing against my leg isn't my idea of a great time. But it is all I can do to keep from staring at Ms. Fitzpatrick's engorged tits. She is the kind of sexy stern teacher, with thick black glasses and shirts that are always just a bit too low cut. You see, she had just come back from maternity leave to teach our segment of GED each night. Sometimes her shirt even has small wet circles around her nipples from where her milk has leaked through and I had to hold back a moan. So I looked down at my paper and traced my name "Riley O'Connor" over and over. Because I want to get through it, I want my GED.

And because I am not that kind of a guy. Really. I was a good kid in high school, I wrestled and played baseball in the fall and also was a member of the French and Chemistry club. I earned mostly A's and B's. Not your typical candidate for GED classes.

I have to endure night school, not because I dropped out due to drugs or stupidity, but because I had to take care of my mom while she went through chemo and radiation. It took two years but she finally kicked cancer's ass. So here I am, at 19, trying to concentrate the constitution and geometry proofs Monday through Friday from 6-9 with a raging hard-on because my teacher is a MILF.

About three weeks into the class we had our first big test. So I waited, with a giant smile plastered on my face the night it was due back to us, as Ms. Fitzpatrick passed out our tests. I grabbed it eagerly, sure that I aced it, as she placed it on my desk face down. F.

"I expected better, Mr. O'Connor. See me after class." She scolded sternly as she walked away.

What?! I asked myself going through the test. I knew everything. I was confident of it. So I looked at my scan-tron bubble sheet sure that I could explain this to her in some way. She had to of made a mistake. I could just explain it to the sexy vixen of a teacher, and it would all go away. Three weeks of work would be redeemed.

Except it couldn't.

I skipped one question and all of my answers were wrong off by one. I swore a blue streak in my headed and prepared a different conversation in my head while she went through the process by which congress passes a bill with the class. One were I begged for a retake.

The rest of class went too fast and before I knew it everyone was leaving while I sat in my desk waiting in shame. I wasn't prepared to advocate for myself and I knew it.

"Mr. O'Conner, please give me just a few moments and I will be right with you," Ms. Fitzpatrick requested in a polite tone before rushing through the door without waiting for my response.


So I sat there and waited. My blood was pumping in my ears from my embarrassment. I had never failed anything before in my life. GED classes were supposed to be easy. What if I didn't pass my GED and couldn't go to college? How could I explain that to my mom? Hey mom I know you just went through two horrible years of painful vomiting, fatigue and body wracking pain and that you drew strength from wishing to see me succeed but I suck. Doomed.

After about five minutes I heard the door open and sat up straight, sweat beading on my forehead. I wanted to approach this right. She walked through the door in a completely different outfit from her pencil skirt and blue button down dress shirt. A long satin red dress replaced it. No, it was a nightgown. Without anything under it. Her breasts were perky and hard, the fabric already soaked through from what I imagined was several hours worth of milk un-pumped.

She approached me with a stern look on her face and lectured, "Riley, I am very disappointed that you did so poorly. But, I am willing to let you retest. If you show that you are worthy of it."

She bent over my desk to give me a better view of those large swollen mountains. They looked delicious. I caught myself liking my lips before stuffing my tongue back into my mouth and clearing my throat.

"Ms. Fitzpatrick, I don't think that this is a good idea. I mean someone could come in..."

Not, I don't want to have sex with someone in a position of power over me. Not, I respect you as a woman. Instead I don't want to get caught. I am so lame.

She pulled my desk away from my chair and sat on my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. I had her full attention. All parts of me. She could feel it through my jeans against the very soft, very thin material draped over her body. But I didn't push her off or apologize for it. I let her know that I wanted her.

I had spent several nights wondering what those creamy globes looked and felt like. I even dreamed about tasting the flowing milk that seemed to be causing her so many problems. So yeah, maybe I drooled. A little.

"Mr. O'Connor, you worry too much. We are the only one's left in the old school building. I made sure of it. Besides, I couldn't wait any longer."

Taking each strap of her gown off she shoved what small fabric was covering her down, exposing her appetizing bounty. The honey soft flesh bounced slightly as it released and I found that my eyes could not leave them. I had taken the bait.

"Aren't they beautiful?"

"Yes," I whispered almost venerability, too late to take my admiration back.

Ms. Fitzpatrick grabbed her swollen breast in one hand and squeezed the plush flesh, a small amount, a dribble really, of milk emerged to drip off the tip of her hard pebble, falling down onto my shirt. I gulped visibly.

"Suckle me, I am bursting with milk." She purred at me, a command more than a request.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inside Her Faerie Circle: 99 Cents! Today through Sunday and a Sneak Peak of the book!

Hi all!

I wanted to let you know that my first release, Inside Her Faerie Circle, is available for purchase at a promotional price of .99 Cents from now until Sunday 4/28! Here is a small excerpt so that you know what you are missing!

Purchase on:  Smashwords today or wait until tomorrow for Amazon


Lea turned back to continue down the path, her hips swaying in a manner that was intentionally causing Allyson to feel arousal once more. Lea’s body was filled with magic, she was after all a Fae. She wanted Allyson to be turned on, to be confused and most importantly to give into the desires and suggestions that Lea was feeding to her with the use of her magic.

The wonders of this place were dreamlike indeed, but the atmosphere certainly felt real. They were close enough to Lea's home now that she could see the details clearly. A beautiful small cottage, this cob home was sculpted with mud and clay and adorned with designs made from that same material. Lea pointed out the sculpture of a rose on the wall next to the door, trunk and branches made of cob, the leaves crafted out of carefully placed stones, intricate windows, small holes between the veins of a leaf on either side of the front of home, a natural sculpture. The home had no lines, its shape rounded and natural. Allyson had never seen such a work, Lea knew, and she hoped that it would have the sought after effect. The porch roof was held up by living trees, supporting the weight of the roof, the floor made of stone, with a path of log slices down the middle to the door.

“Not a single piece of nature perished from building this, Allyson. The lives of already given grains and trees were re-purposed into my home with the help of the pixies, twig fairies, nymphs and dryads.” Lea beamed with pride up and the structure that was her abode.

“It is wondrous,” Allyson exclaimed, feeling like a child the moment she said it, her face became flush with embarrassment.

It was then that Lea knew she had succeeded, motioning for Allyson to enter. She entered the cottage which smelled slightly of patchouli and lavender, a sweet but not overpowering smell and noticed that two cups of liquid were on the wooden table, steam rising from the brim. The floor was stone, the cabinets and furniture natural wood. Lea directed her to sit and took her place across from her, both women sipping their herbal hibiscus tea, the perfect combination of flower, blueberry and herb.

“Now that you are mine, love, you will stay as long as you want. I shall introduce you to my friends as well. There are some lovely people here, and they are just as enthusiastic as I am.” Lea grinned smugly. Her prize would be quite the commodity in the land of faerie and she knew it. She could use Allyson to influence people and gain more power in the world, hopefully without making Allyson aware.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sneak Peak from my latest Short Story: Lonely Succubi Nights

Living among mortals she could have anything she wanted. More comforts than anyone could imagine, a large estate, servants. It was all within her power. Apparently she didn't use her powers for personal gain. Interesting.
Arthur would want to know about this. He had, after all set Gawain to collect intelligence on the mortal world walker. It had to be accurate. And thorough. 
Gawain was a perfect candidate for the mission. Older, never mated. Married to his job as the head of the Fae Prince's intelligence network. Prince Arthur wanted someone who would be believable as a widower. Alana's old clientèle. She had been famous for her... talents. He heard of her more than once in the last three hundred years. 
"Its... nice." Gawain appraised as Alana returned from her bedroom clad in a simple but elegant blue silk robe.
Gawain's breath caught in his throat as he watched her walk to him. Job or no, she was beautiful. Her robe clung against her hips and breasts so thin that he could view her nipples taught beneath the fabric. 
Alana strode up to him, only a few inches away her body tantalizing. She placed a hand upon his shoulder, caressing it as she responded, "Not what you expected, huh? I don't run a brothel here... Anymore."
Alana winked then grabbed his hand and pulled herself into his frame.  His mouth watered as her firm curves pressed against his firm muscles. Regardless of what she did now this much was clear, she wanted him. 
His orders were clear. Find out about the state of all  her powers. Find out about how she uses humans. Not a body in 10 years. It was extremely unusual.
Still, Gawain played his part. 
He wrapped an arm around her, his hand splayed out over the small of her back. It was strong, powerful, full against her soft petite frame. 
"One rule," Alana requested, her eyes hard and serious, "No soul reading." 
"I don't need to read your soul. You wear your pain in your eyes."  
It was partially true. Anyone could see that she was lonely, hungry. Humans were not enough sustenance. Especially if she was letting them walk. 
Those stormy eyes looked up at Gawain full of agitation and lust. He knew she would be desperate for Fae contact but he hadn't realized the strength of that need.
Gawain, on the other hand, did well for himself. He was able to conduct multiple arrangements with similar Fae spirits. Succubi were rare and powerful, so he had to make due with lesser nymphs and dryads. He made due.
Still this woman was beautiful and his appetites were strong.
Gawain bent down, his lips inches from hers. He smirked at her and growled "Do you want this?"
His voice was dark. Bordering on dangerous. 
"I need this." Alana's face was serious. She was starving, depending on him for survival. 
Well, he had no problem playing the hero. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The King's Nursemaid is now available!

You can find it on Smashwords today or Amazon tomorrow. 5,300 words of excitement and sizzling sex.

Clara was hired to nourish the King's bastard son Angus. She was glad to be free of the confines of peasant society even if that meant she was a glorified cow. One night the King comes to visit her to sample her delicacy which alters her entire purpose at the castle. Warning: This story contains 5,300 words of consensual sex and lactation between adults depicted as 18 years or older.

You can find a short excerpt here:

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Sneak Peak: The King's Nursemaid

Clara hissed a breath in as she rubbed salve on a particularly sensitive area. It stung initially but then provided relief. The delicacy of her fingertips around the soft warm flesh was providing more than relief. It was stimulating. Milk dribbled out of her teat and down her engorged breasts, beading as it tumbled down her thin stomach. There she was, sitting on a grand bed, in a chamber she could have never dreamed of, rubbing her bruised nipples. The soft fabric of her comforter filled with down, on a mattress filled with goose down and imported cotton from India, was heaven. She knew she was lucky to be in the service of the King.
A change in the air that breezed through her chamber caused Clara to look up from her breast. Where her door had been closed it was now open, the shadow of a man standing before her in the candlelight. She instinctively pulled her shirt up over her breasts, and peered at the man. Men stood around her day and night while she was exposed, letting the little bastard drink from her udders. It should not have bothered her but in her chamber, it was private.
“Please,” the hearty deep voice called as the shadow walked towards her, “continue.”

The King.  

I look forward to releasing this this week! I hope you enjoy the preview.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

0.5- Eliza's Eyes

A free web exclusive!

Earthly Pleasures: Eliza's Eyes (Preview)

Veronica Hardy

@Veronica Hardy Erotica 2013

Eliza came from a non-wealthy country title only family and could not afford to give her a season in London. As a result she was urged to attend a season on the 'ton when she was 23 as a care taker to her cousin, Mary, as it was her coming out. Mary's parents had saved all their money for this, a new wardrobe, dancing and refinement lessons. She knew that they had staked all the had on this girl, looking for a generous and kind lord with enough money to save the entire family estate. She had not felt regret for not being able to have her own season, and she looked after Mary like a beloved sister, as they were as close as cousin's could be. She wanted to see her succeed and spent painstaking hours helping the girl groom and dress for her first ball of the season. The had spent a great deal on the fabric and then the tailoring of the dress, relying on their aunt to help them get it in just the correct style. Mary's fair milky skin popped against the vibrant emeralds, baby blues and buttercup yellows, playing off her dark hair and icy blue eyes.
Eliza was lucky enough to be given her Aunt's old gowns from two seasons ago, paying only to have them altered enough so that they also looked the correct style. They were far from anything special and not especially flattering against Eliza's cream toned skin but not dreadful either. She was just glad to have the experience, one she could someday tell her cousin's children about. She had long since given up that she would be married and have children. She wanted the romance of a man and the life of a woman who was loved, but she was glad for her independence too. Living with her family, her parents taught her to read and write, to understand mathematics, literature and philosophy, knowing that she would probably never get the chance to marry someone she loved, if at all. She loved learning about the speculation that surrounded businessmen and often tried to allow her father to involve her. He said that as a woman, it was not a good idea.While he allowed her to help manage the farm she knew it might make her appear... tainted. It was ludicrous to her, but she understood he only had the best of intentions.
Everyone was stoic about her prospects, never revealing anything about her old maid status. Of course there was the possibility that she may catch the eye of a widower or an older bachelor, and she was told that any offer would be accepted on her behalf. It seemed unfair that things would be determined for her, but unfortunately it was often the way of London Society. She dare not argue with her mother, and her father who was softer on the subjects only repeated what she knew he believed to be true. That it was her best chance for a good life.
Still, she was not as melancholy as they believed. She had a good life and she was taken care of. Sure, her father may just be a country Earl, but she had more than the paupers who lived on their land. Her perspective was odd, she knew, so she kept it inside.

She sat on the stressing bench looking at her cousin Mary who was positively glowing as their maid buttoned her and laced her.

"I am so looking forward to the evenings events, aren't you Eliza?" Mary's smile was bright as she looked at Eliza through the full length mirror.

Mary was truly stunning in the gown she was wearing. Eliza often wished she could look as beautiful as the young girl, her plan features neither ugly nor stunning but simply acceptable. Her deep chestnut hair against her cream skin was in fashion and before seeing her full face, some might think she was a beauty but her visage deceived her. Her nose was slightly upturned and her eyes were just a bit too narrow. Not to mention the fact that her natural hourglass figure was a bit more womanly than most men desired. Most people would agree she was pretty, but nothing more than that. Mary however had vibrant dark brown hair with stunning natural red high lights, her eyes deeply blue and her skin a milky tone of perfection.

"Naturally my dear. I am sure you will be the focus of the ball." Eliza meant it with all her heart. She wanted the best for her cousin, and she could not, where others might, begrudge her that.

"Oh I doubt that, there are far more prettier and wealthy women in attendance." Mary's tone betrayed her nervousness and Eliza could understand why. So many people wanted her to succeed, it was a lot of pressure.

"Yes, but I know that there have been many men asking about you, I overheard papa talking just yesteday." It was a simple lie, one that may have well been true but she needed to restore the confidence that she knew the young girl could posses. Your showing out was the most important day for your introduction to the 'ton and she wanted to make sure that it started off on the right note.

"Uncle Alex was mentioning it? Oh my, this will be an event."

And interesting night indeed.

If you love this, check out Earthly Pleasures, now available where ebooks are sold.

A Queen's Servant (BDSM, NonCon) Now avaliable.

Now Available for Purchase! You can find A Queen's Servant On Amazon, Drivethrufiction and Smashwords.

Anya is the Queen of Elves,she is commanding and strong. She wants someone to play with. Atticus, her consort and inner guard gives her what she needs. Including a new slave. A human, Brennan. She will break him and take him to new heights of pleasure mixed with pain. He will submit to her, just as she has submitted to Atticus.
Warning: This is intended for adult audiences only. The BDSM Short Story Contains 5,000 words of initial Non-Consent and tantalizing Masochistic and Sadistic play. It also contains delicious scenes of orgasmic pleasure and consensual BDSM.

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Earthly Pleasures: Book 1 Is out!

Earthly Pleasures: Book 1 Intrigue is now available for purchase!

You can purchase it at Amazon or Smashwords.
Giveaway Update "Inside Her Faerie Circle": Winners have been chosen and emailed regarding the give away. If you won, you received an email to the address you specified.