Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elliquiy and what it means to me.

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Elliquiy is the single best adult role playing website on the internet (in my humble opinion). You can pretend to be a mechanic on Serenity fighting along side Mal, you can work with the Doctor to solve the mysteries of the Universe or you can give Mr. Grey a piece of your mind. The possibilities are endless. Elliquiy had a birthday recently. 8 years. 

Elliquiy gives me inspiration, it has helped me to make kinky friends. It has been a stable part of my life since I began this journey as an Erotic Writer. I have found friends who were interested in my work, who became beta readers and editors. Who became close. Without elliquiy I would not have an outlet to play through ideas and fantasies that have been bouncing around in my mind. Without elliquiy I would not get writing practice which makes me a better writer. It is an important part of my life. And it is free.

But not for all of us. The individual who runs Elliquiy pays out of his own pocket and through donations to keep the ball rolling. To increase server space and to purchase the equipment to run his own server. Because he doesn't want to ruin the experience with ads. 

So, be you a voyeur or a writer, I ask you to check Elliquiy out. Apply for a membership. Even support them financially if you have the power. The people there are kind, caring and make writing erotica more fun than I thought it could possibly be. They are encouraging and often times become real friends. 

As soon as I can figure out how to put a permanent bar on my website to advertise for them I will. For free. Because that is how much I love that site. 

Thank you Elliquiy, for opening doors for me.

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