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0.5- Eliza's Eyes

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Earthly Pleasures: Eliza's Eyes (Preview)

Veronica Hardy

@Veronica Hardy Erotica 2013

Eliza came from a non-wealthy country title only family and could not afford to give her a season in London. As a result she was urged to attend a season on the 'ton when she was 23 as a care taker to her cousin, Mary, as it was her coming out. Mary's parents had saved all their money for this, a new wardrobe, dancing and refinement lessons. She knew that they had staked all the had on this girl, looking for a generous and kind lord with enough money to save the entire family estate. She had not felt regret for not being able to have her own season, and she looked after Mary like a beloved sister, as they were as close as cousin's could be. She wanted to see her succeed and spent painstaking hours helping the girl groom and dress for her first ball of the season. The had spent a great deal on the fabric and then the tailoring of the dress, relying on their aunt to help them get it in just the correct style. Mary's fair milky skin popped against the vibrant emeralds, baby blues and buttercup yellows, playing off her dark hair and icy blue eyes.
Eliza was lucky enough to be given her Aunt's old gowns from two seasons ago, paying only to have them altered enough so that they also looked the correct style. They were far from anything special and not especially flattering against Eliza's cream toned skin but not dreadful either. She was just glad to have the experience, one she could someday tell her cousin's children about. She had long since given up that she would be married and have children. She wanted the romance of a man and the life of a woman who was loved, but she was glad for her independence too. Living with her family, her parents taught her to read and write, to understand mathematics, literature and philosophy, knowing that she would probably never get the chance to marry someone she loved, if at all. She loved learning about the speculation that surrounded businessmen and often tried to allow her father to involve her. He said that as a woman, it was not a good idea.While he allowed her to help manage the farm she knew it might make her appear... tainted. It was ludicrous to her, but she understood he only had the best of intentions.
Everyone was stoic about her prospects, never revealing anything about her old maid status. Of course there was the possibility that she may catch the eye of a widower or an older bachelor, and she was told that any offer would be accepted on her behalf. It seemed unfair that things would be determined for her, but unfortunately it was often the way of London Society. She dare not argue with her mother, and her father who was softer on the subjects only repeated what she knew he believed to be true. That it was her best chance for a good life.
Still, she was not as melancholy as they believed. She had a good life and she was taken care of. Sure, her father may just be a country Earl, but she had more than the paupers who lived on their land. Her perspective was odd, she knew, so she kept it inside.

She sat on the stressing bench looking at her cousin Mary who was positively glowing as their maid buttoned her and laced her.

"I am so looking forward to the evenings events, aren't you Eliza?" Mary's smile was bright as she looked at Eliza through the full length mirror.

Mary was truly stunning in the gown she was wearing. Eliza often wished she could look as beautiful as the young girl, her plan features neither ugly nor stunning but simply acceptable. Her deep chestnut hair against her cream skin was in fashion and before seeing her full face, some might think she was a beauty but her visage deceived her. Her nose was slightly upturned and her eyes were just a bit too narrow. Not to mention the fact that her natural hourglass figure was a bit more womanly than most men desired. Most people would agree she was pretty, but nothing more than that. Mary however had vibrant dark brown hair with stunning natural red high lights, her eyes deeply blue and her skin a milky tone of perfection.

"Naturally my dear. I am sure you will be the focus of the ball." Eliza meant it with all her heart. She wanted the best for her cousin, and she could not, where others might, begrudge her that.

"Oh I doubt that, there are far more prettier and wealthy women in attendance." Mary's tone betrayed her nervousness and Eliza could understand why. So many people wanted her to succeed, it was a lot of pressure.

"Yes, but I know that there have been many men asking about you, I overheard papa talking just yesteday." It was a simple lie, one that may have well been true but she needed to restore the confidence that she knew the young girl could posses. Your showing out was the most important day for your introduction to the 'ton and she wanted to make sure that it started off on the right note.

"Uncle Alex was mentioning it? Oh my, this will be an event."

And interesting night indeed.

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