Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Haunted Lingerie, A Sexy Murder Mystery

The Haunted Lingerie is a plot driven dream, it will keep you guessing "who done it". 

Overall: ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

When I dove into The Haunted Lingerie, I was reluctant. I don't love murder mystery. I don't even like horror movies or tv shows (with a few exceptions, The Walking Dead, I am looking at you).  I'm so damn glad I did, enough to swear by this sexy scandal of a book. Even if it is out of your normal genre, you really should give it a try. 

But I was eager to read anything by Lana Hart, having heard of her talent through the writer's grapevine. 

 Her book is currently available on Smashwords and Amazon. As always, the official book description.

The sleepy town of Sanctum Harbor is in for a rude awakening...

When Misty Ryder set out to find a new pair of shoes, she never imagined coming home with a vintage set of lingerie instead. But there was something about it that caught her eye in the mysterious back room of Mrs. Clathermont's antique shop, and as she returns to her apartment, she finds that she just can't wait to try it on. 

Except that once it's on, it won't come off. And as time goes by, it becomes increasingly clear that the previous owner is still very attached to it—even in death. 

To solve the spirit's decade-old cold case and regain her freedom, Misty reluctantly teams up with the infuriatingly handsome Deputy Jack Snow, the man who once broke her heart her to pursue his career. Time is of the essence, for the longer she remains trapped in the lingerie, the stronger the spirit of its previous owner gets—and she's out for blood. 

Can Misty and Jack set aside their differences and put the spirit to rest? Or will Misty lose herself to the haunted lingerie?

Originality: ★★★★★

I’ve never actually read something like this. I've heard of books with haunted objects, cursed objects, but Lingerie? A really interesting concept. I loved the way the author put together the story and the plot. There was a level of creative spark that I had not expected, and was pleasantly surprised. I could not get over the seamless way the story progressed. 

I also want to mention the way the author approached gender and sexuality. It was innovative, Trans* friendly (I am an advocate for equality of Trans* people), and it made me think in ways that I had never considered. More than a murder mystery, it is a love story. Two really, one romantic, and one about a person and her body. 

Character Development/Plot: ★★★★★

Lana is excellent at character development. I am under the opinion that it is second only to her sense of plot. She is able to draft a story in such a complete way, that it had me sitting in my chair, wishing I had written it. Each character is deep, has prime motivation, and has a place in the story. There is not a width of characters, in fact I can only remember a few, but it works, and it works well. The story had me turning pages until the water in my tub got cold (I read my kindle in my tub, let's just say if it gets ruined, I deserve it). 

I am very impressed, and cannot wait to read more in the collectibles series, even if just for plot!

Appearance and Editing:★★★★★

Wow. Beautiful. The cover is amazing, the perfect amount of detail, and the inside of the book is no less stunning. The fonts used, and the images provided for page breaks are gorgeous! This work is also edited strongly and precise. I’m a professional editor, albeit of content, but I couldn't find anything that needed copy-editing.

The Romance/The Sex: ★★★★★

The romance is one that has you hoping, and clinging. Wishing that Misty isn't let down, and that your suspicions are wrong. I can't say more than that, I don't want to spoil it, but I can say that the ride if worth it.

This book also has true sex appeal. There isn't a lot of it, but it is timed just right and makes total sense in the story. Well done. 

Overall Value: ★★★★★

This is another book that I think should be 9.99, anything else is a steal. It is a long read, several hundred pages, and it is incredibly well written. If you are getting it for less, you are really going home with a deal. More hours of entertainment than a 19.99 movie, and better written than a lot of them, to boot!

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Curse Keepers: Keep your book.

 The Curse Keepers by Denise Grover Swank

I'm never a fan of Transphobia. I am a proud supporter of all of my Alphabet soup community, and I am certainly tired of seeing trans* jokes in books or on tv. 

When I sat down to read the "Curse Keepers" I was very excited for this new book. (Photo is linked from goodreads, It is not mine, and I did not claim it to be).

The premise sounded interesting, and the idea of a supernatural romance certainly did not put me off. Then I started reading. And I got to this little "gem".

Claire burst into laughter. "Are you sure he's not a tranny?"

"I thought trannies were guys dressing as girls, not the other way around." I took a deep breath to settle my giggles. "And no, he's got a part, just not an interested one."
My very first thought was, wow, are you serious? In 2014. You are making jokes about "trannies" really?

Being Transsexual should not be a funny little quip you put into your story line using inappropriate language. A way to get across that a man is not interested in you.

It infuriated me, but I thought to move on and read the whole book, knocking it a star. Until I realized, that no. I would not do that about someone who was being made fun of on the basis of their race, religion, or sexuality. I certainly would not do that about someone who is being ridiculed and used as a joke based on their status as a trans* person.

I'm tired of seeing this kind of behavior exhibited. This is more than just in poor taste, it is completely unacceptable.

Pass on this book. I know I am going to.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Place I Belong- Nacy Herkness Review

The place I belong is in front of my kindle, reading this little gem.

Overall: ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

There aren't many authors who can pull me into the story and have me reading the whole way through without a pause. Now that I am a content editor, it is even less likely. Nancy Herkness is one of the few who can still entrance me in her story, putting my questions aside and losing myself to her world.

The Place I Belong is a title that instantly grabbed me. It spoke to me of a women who was trying to find the one place she could really call her home. It reminded me of what I wanted in my life, what many people want in their lives. Somewhere to just put down all our baggage and be.  Pulling on my heartstrings the whole way, this book actually had me in tears towards the end.  I loved this book, I thought it was complex, well written, detailed, and incredibly accurate.

 The editorial description reads as follows:
“Nancy Herkness invites readers back to Sanctuary, West Virginia, in Book 3 of the award-winning Whisper Horse series.
Fleeing professional scandal and a broken engagement, veterinarian Hannah Linden abandons Chicago for the mountain town of Sanctuary, West Virginia, hoping to put her troubles with men and the media behind her.
But when she encounters world-famous chef Adam Bosch, she finds herself increasingly drawn to the charming but darkly complex man and his troubled teenage son, Matt.  Adam, a recovering alcoholic, fears he can never be a worthy father to the surly, distant boy he has just come to know, and enlists Hannah’s help in his struggle to connect with his son.

Hoping to coax Matt out of his shell, Hannah introduces the boy to an ailing brown pony who has the power to change his view of the world. But can the determined little whisper horse prove to Hannah, Adam, and Matt that they were meant to be a family?”

Originality: ★★★★★

I’ve read a lot of stories about millionaires, single dads, women on the run from their past, but Nancy takes common themes and weaves them together into a beautiful plot that. That plus the idea of a whisper house (or pony), and I was completely hooked. Her original story telling, and the way she twisted these ideas into her own, that is what makes them so original for me. That is what keeps me coming back to her stories. She takes familiar ideas and does them in such a way that I had never even considered it. It’s like reimaging a family classic, like grilled cheese, and turning it into a gourmet meal with the finest cheeses and the best ingredients.

Character Development/Plot: ★★★★★

I feel very strongly that Nancy’s best quality is her Character and Plot development. They are two different aspects of writing, but without both equally well written and balanced, a book is missing that essential piece. I did ask myself a few questions about the believability of circumstances. Especially regarding Adam’s life, but it was not so gaping that I couldn’t go with it. Once I suspended just a little bit of disbelief it all came together. As soon as I could relax and let the story take me where it wanted to go, I was wowed by the level of depth it had. She thought of everything, tying up all the loose ends and providing one of the best stories I have read in a very long time. Hallmark needs to hire this women to write screenplays, because those are movies I would watch!

Appearance and Editing:★★★★★

While I haven’t seen the cover, the writing is well done. Edited strongly and precise. I’m a professional editor, albeit of content, but I couldn’t find anything that needed copyediting.

The Romance/The Sex: ★★★★★

Every. Single. Aspect. Is. Perfect.
I love the tension, the amount of buildup. It is completely believable. It’s not at all like two people are thrown together and forced to want one another (I have read that, not fun). This has the natural development that you yearn for in a piece. It leaves you rooting for the two of them, hoping that Hannah and Adam will work through everything, and be the ones that can bring peace to each other.
The sex is steamy, but romantic, that perfect little bit of sweet on the tongue with a full-bodied flavor.

Overall Value:

While I don’t know what the release price of the novel is going to be, at over 300 pages I would expect to (and be more than willing to) pay 9.99 for such a complete work. This woman is destined to grow her readership and fandom, especially with such dedicated works. I hope to purchase a print copy when it becomes available!

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Raethiana: The Succubus Who Sucked Me In

Overall: ★★★ (4.75 Stars)

I love anything paranormal or fantasy with an action plot. This one covers both the sexy aspects and the action! John Dylena's Portrayl of "John" as he went from, well, kind of a loser, to a "man" of action was extraordinary. I'm usually not a fan of the male driven voice in erotica, but this is really well done and it includes quite a bit of female perspective as well.

The novelization of the "Raethiana Trilogy", Raethiana contains all three books (The Demon at my Door, The Demon in my Heart, & The Demon in my Soul) in addition to a foreword written by the books editor: Nora Nix.
A shy and introverted young man, John is shocked when he manages to leave a bar with the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. It's a dream come true... until they get back to his apartment and he discovers that the woman is a succubus, and he's her next meal.
When John survives the sensual ritual meant to sate the demon's supernatural appetite, she decides not only to stay the night, but to move in as his new roommate and introduce him to her world; a realm full of demons, magic, and a discovery that will change his life forever.
For adults only! Contains the following themes: demons, magic, transformation, gender change, lesbian sex, straight straight sex, orgy, domination, submission
60,000 words

Originality: ★★★

I never considered a succubus that can't suck the soul out of someone. I never thought about one who came to live with you, regardless of your desires. And I certainly didn't think of all the adventures these two had together. I think it is original, well written, and full of new ideas. The world building alone was well done enough to give it five stars (in my book).

Character Development/Plot: ★★★

John's character John is developed really well, multifaceted and believable. As he changes and throughout the novel/series I find myself rooting for him. Hoping that he can come to terms with who he really is, and that the two interests will get together in the end.

My only complaint is that I feel some of the development is a bit rushed. I want more back story on the conflict of the major action plot. I want to see the ways in which the rebellion affects the world. I want to know more about Raethiana's history. I want to know more about her slave, about what drives her. About why she exists the way she is. It is because I want to know more about these things I think Dylena should write a sequel! I really loved the book.

Appearance and Editing:★★

Professional and well done. I love the cover and I think the writing is suburb. 

The Romance/The Sex: 

7.99 is completely worth it for the level of kinky gender bending and gender swapping sex in this story. I was hot under the collar the whole time I was reading this. I wanted to read this for the sex, to be quite honest, but I stayed with it for the romance, which had me turning page after page. 

Veronica Hardy is a professional editor and author who enjoys writing reviews in her spare time, for fun. She is not compensated by authors, publishers or online retail markets for her opinions. If you are interested in a book review or editing services please email her at

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My First BBW Bundle! A Bundle of Curves

This bundle of erotic fiction contains three stories and totals more than 20,000 words. 

Curves and The Lake 

All Alyssa wanted was Jasper. With a desperation that she could not name. She saw him everywhere. Especially in all her fantasies. So when the curvy beauty sees opportunity she just can't help but pounce. All her fantasies were coming to life. This 4,000 word short contains steamy sensations so hot it may do more than just smolder on your kindle. All characters are depicted over the age of 18. 

Riveted: For Love of a Soldier 

Women were the backbone of America during WII. But some women were also the curves. Ava is a feisty Riveter who wants nothing more than to help the war effort during The Second Great War. This spunky woman helps build bombers so that the men can get an advantage over the Germans and bring home victory. She didn't ask for more, until Angelo walked into the factory and into her life. Caught up this soldier's love, she would do anything he asked her to. Even abandon all she has ever known. Will this industrial strength love meet up to the standards of time? This love can't be manufactured. 

Mistletoe and Curves: An Erotic Short 

Jenny hates going to the company party. Preening executives, sharks disguised as co-workers, and a lack of fun leave her wishing the time would speed up. Until Bryce sweeps her off her feet and into the room door the hall. 

This 3,000 word short story is filled with Billionaire lust, curves galore and even includes a sneak peak at a curvy erotic romance. All characters are over 18 and have earned a college degree.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Release: Naughty News: Breaking In The Reporter

.99 Cents on Amazon for a limited time only.

Mia wasn't about to be shown up by a bunch of men.

Mia was a damn good writer, and she knew it. Too bad she was in a male dominated industry, and her boss was always breathing down her neck. She refused to be overlooked, so she made herself a priority. Until the boss made conquering her body a priority of his own.

James was a sexy and commanding editor, one that pushed his writers to their limits. But Mia pushed him to his own.

This sexy 4,500 word short story shows just who is in charge at the news firm.

She sank her teeth into his lower lip with a growl. If he wasn’t going to play nice, neither was she. The scrape of her teeth against his lips sent him into a frenzy. He pushed a hand up through her shirt and grabbed her breast, giving it a hard squeeze before entering her bra. His grip was rough as he pinched her nipple, tugging downward until she squealed. If only she could have just a little bit more of him. She tasted his mouth, sampled it with her own tongue, pressing her body against his. Mia clearly wanted this. Wanted him.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Plus Size Fiction: Notable BBW Titles of November

November has been a cozy month! Lots of writers putting out fabulous works, all focused on the curvy woman. Here is a list to help you get through the Holiday Season!

Title: The Cabin on Wolf Mountain
Author: Alice May Ball
Link/s: Amazon
Length: 6,100+ words
Genre: Erotica, paranormal, shapeshifter, erotic romance
Genders: MF
Blurb: Briony lost her job and her boyfriend on the same day. Looking out for Briony, her BFF offers her the chance to stay in a secluded cabin on Wolf Mountain, forget about being the fat girl who got dumped, and write the romantic best-seller she has always dreamed about.

On the way to the dreamy cabin, Briony attracts the unwanted attention of an aggressive biker, but she is rescued by a handsome stranger with a very powerful presence. Her cabin in the woods is in a lovely clearing, overlooking the valley. Alone there, she discovers that there are wild animals in the woods, when a wolf comes to her door.
Kinks: BBW, Werewolf, outdoor sex

Title: The Bound Bride (BBW Bondage Breeding Erotica)

Author: Roxanne Sweet
Length: 6500+
Genre: erotica
Genders: M/F
Blurb: It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. I was marrying the man of my dreams, and nothing could have brought me down. Then I got in the limo to go to the reception, and it pulled away before my new husband could get in. I asked the driver over and over what he was doing. He rolled down the window, and I saw it was my ex. He said he knew I still loved him, and he was going to prove it.
Kinks: bondage, dubious consent, breeding
Cover image:

Title: Fire & Ice (The Drake Legacy: Book One)

Author: Kari Wray

Link/s: Amazon ... All Romance, Draft 2 Digital, etc, still forthcoming.


Length: 32,000 words

Genre: BBW/Billionaire, Erotic Romance.

Genders: Male/Female

Blurb: When curvy college graduate Cassie secures an interview at one of the top property developers in the city it seems too good to be true. On the day of the interview, Cassie stumbles headlong into the path of Xander Drake, the CEO of the company. He’s devastatingly handsome, unimaginably wealthy and interested in her. But how far will things go between them? And who is that icy-eyed man in the white suit who seems to be following Cassie around? Soon this everyday girl next door will find herself entangled in a web of lies and intrigue, animal passions and carnal lust. Because without realizing it, Cassie Lawrence has become a player in a much larger game of power, greed and corruption … in The Drake Legacy.

Kinks: Oral sex, mild anal play

Title: The Billionaire Takes the Big Girl's Flower(BBW, Billionaire, First Time Erotica)

Author: Amy Kiss

Links: Amazon, Nook,AllRomance



Genre: Erotic Romance, Erotica

Genders: Male/Female

Blurb: Gracie loves being a florist, at least the part where she gets to be around flowers all day. Seeing other woman prepare for their special day and handsome boyfriends buying sweet gifts can get her down, though. Especially, since she's never been with a man at all. Then, a handsome stranger walks through her door. He's looking for a rare bouquet for his sister's birthday - damn the costs - and he's thrilled to find something who can help him. Gracie's more than pleased to serve this rich and sexy older man. He follows her into the back to watch her work and Gracie thinks maybe he'd like her own flower. It's one she's been saving just for a man like him.

Kinks: , Virgin, Defloration

Title: The Moon on Wolf Mountain
Author: Alice May Ball
Link/s: Amazon[3]
Length: 6,100+ words
Genre: Erotica, paranormal, shapeshifter, erotic romance
Genders: MF
Blurb: After a bad breakup and losing her job, Briony takes refuge on Wolf Mountain to write her great romance novel. Wolves come out of the woods around her cabin, and one silver wolf comes to her door.

What dark secret does the mysterious Xavier’s powerful, animal attraction conceal, and what terrible price will the devastatingly handsome hero pay for coming to big, beautiful Briony’s rescue?
Kinks: BBW, Werewolf

Title: My Personal Trainer: The Complete Series

Author: Trace Dex



Length: 9,946 words

Genre: Erotica

Genders: M/F

Blurb: Maddison has struggled with being overweight all of her life. She recently lost her job and was going down in a spiral of depression. When her doctor's examined her, she finds out that she has to make lifestyle changes in order to survive. She knows it's time to start changing things around so she joins a gym and meets Jonathan, her personal trainer. Not only is he sexy with a nice body, he's also charming. She quickly develops a crush on her personal trainer but will he feel the same about her? Join her on her journey to try and change her life around and snag the man of her dreams.

Kinks: BDSM, BBW, Rough, Anal, Oral

Title: Chosen By The Alpha (Paranormal BBW Werewolf Erotic Romance)

Author: Emilia Blaise

Link/s: Amazon  All Romance Ebooks Smashwords


Length: 6,640 words.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance

Genders: Male/Female

Blurb: Tina has just about had it with men, but when her best friend drags her along to the town's most exclusive paranormal club, she knows she can't say no. Found within are creatures are all shapes and sizes beyond her wildest dreams. But what she doesn't expect is that the Alpha of a local pack has his eye on her, and things are about to change forever. After losing his homeland to a bitter rival, the only way to regain his strength and honor is to find a mate. Could Tina be the woman he needs?

Kinks: outdoors sex, werewolf, oral sex

Title: From a Breakup to a Billionaire
Author: Alice May Ball
Link/s: Amazon[5]
Length: 6,400+ words
Genre: Erotic romance
Genders: MF
Blurb: Big, beautiful Bethany doesn’t have the best luck with men. Her optimistic faith in her current relationship will turn out to be horribly misplaced. But the breathtakingly handsome man she met and lost sight of just a few days before may have plans for her.

What dark secrets await her on his yacht in the Hudson River, and what shocking demands will he make of her?
Kinks: BBW, BDSM, light bondage

Title: Serviced by my Mechanic
Author: Jess bates
Length: 8300 words
Genre: Erotic romance
Genders: M/F
Emma loves her curves almost as much as she loves her car. When she's asked out for a drink by her hot mechanic Tom, Emma is reminded why she has avoided the bar scene for so long after the other patrons make fun of her weight. What should have been a fun and exciting night is turned upside down and Emma runs out leaving her date behind. Can Emma regain her confidence in herself and face the man she left standing on the curb?
Kinks: Oral sex / boring hetero (not sure what to put :) )