Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Release: Naughty News: Breaking In The Reporter

.99 Cents on Amazon for a limited time only.

Mia wasn't about to be shown up by a bunch of men.

Mia was a damn good writer, and she knew it. Too bad she was in a male dominated industry, and her boss was always breathing down her neck. She refused to be overlooked, so she made herself a priority. Until the boss made conquering her body a priority of his own.

James was a sexy and commanding editor, one that pushed his writers to their limits. But Mia pushed him to his own.

This sexy 4,500 word short story shows just who is in charge at the news firm.

She sank her teeth into his lower lip with a growl. If he wasn’t going to play nice, neither was she. The scrape of her teeth against his lips sent him into a frenzy. He pushed a hand up through her shirt and grabbed her breast, giving it a hard squeeze before entering her bra. His grip was rough as he pinched her nipple, tugging downward until she squealed. If only she could have just a little bit more of him. She tasted his mouth, sampled it with her own tongue, pressing her body against his. Mia clearly wanted this. Wanted him.

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