Thursday, January 9, 2014

Raethiana: The Succubus Who Sucked Me In

Overall: ★★★ (4.75 Stars)

I love anything paranormal or fantasy with an action plot. This one covers both the sexy aspects and the action! John Dylena's Portrayl of "John" as he went from, well, kind of a loser, to a "man" of action was extraordinary. I'm usually not a fan of the male driven voice in erotica, but this is really well done and it includes quite a bit of female perspective as well.

The novelization of the "Raethiana Trilogy", Raethiana contains all three books (The Demon at my Door, The Demon in my Heart, & The Demon in my Soul) in addition to a foreword written by the books editor: Nora Nix.
A shy and introverted young man, John is shocked when he manages to leave a bar with the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. It's a dream come true... until they get back to his apartment and he discovers that the woman is a succubus, and he's her next meal.
When John survives the sensual ritual meant to sate the demon's supernatural appetite, she decides not only to stay the night, but to move in as his new roommate and introduce him to her world; a realm full of demons, magic, and a discovery that will change his life forever.
For adults only! Contains the following themes: demons, magic, transformation, gender change, lesbian sex, straight straight sex, orgy, domination, submission
60,000 words

Originality: ★★★

I never considered a succubus that can't suck the soul out of someone. I never thought about one who came to live with you, regardless of your desires. And I certainly didn't think of all the adventures these two had together. I think it is original, well written, and full of new ideas. The world building alone was well done enough to give it five stars (in my book).

Character Development/Plot: ★★★

John's character John is developed really well, multifaceted and believable. As he changes and throughout the novel/series I find myself rooting for him. Hoping that he can come to terms with who he really is, and that the two interests will get together in the end.

My only complaint is that I feel some of the development is a bit rushed. I want more back story on the conflict of the major action plot. I want to see the ways in which the rebellion affects the world. I want to know more about Raethiana's history. I want to know more about her slave, about what drives her. About why she exists the way she is. It is because I want to know more about these things I think Dylena should write a sequel! I really loved the book.

Appearance and Editing:★★

Professional and well done. I love the cover and I think the writing is suburb. 

The Romance/The Sex: 

7.99 is completely worth it for the level of kinky gender bending and gender swapping sex in this story. I was hot under the collar the whole time I was reading this. I wanted to read this for the sex, to be quite honest, but I stayed with it for the romance, which had me turning page after page. 

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