Monday, July 29, 2013

The Louisiana Shifter's Collection is Edgy, Complex, Action Packed and Down Right Sexy.

Overall: ★★★★★


Vivan Wood manages to create a steamy, sexy series that titillates and plays on your heartstrings as she weaves a tale of a shifter clans Louisiana and Alabama.  Packed with romance, hot sex, and even hotter Alphas I stayed up long into the night reading this awesome trilogy. None of her characters fall flat as they develop, providing a sultry tail that had me on my toes, always wondering what would happen next.

The Louisiana Shifter’s Collection includes: Shifter In Ascent, Shifter’s Dream, and Shifter’s Legacy.

Shifter in Ascent follows the story of Tessa and Jace. Tessa is a confused, grief stricken woman who wants nothing more than to rescue someone most dear at almost any cost. But that is where Jace gets in the way, tugging at her heart strings and pulling her into the Shifter world. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster with this piece, clinging too tightly to Tessa that I could feel what she felt and experience what she experienced. Desire what she desired. Between the action and the plot twists I felt like I was on the edge of my seat, scared and excited to find out what happened next. I found myself always wanting to know what happened next and crying out (to the dismay of my slumbering husband) when the story was finally over. If you enjoy a steamy story and lots of action that leaves you feeling like you just can’t read fast enough, this is for you.

Shifter’s Dream is a short piece, but a beautiful one, following Emma and Connall as the male shifter reaches out after the woman of his dreams, literally. It had a great plot, awesome action sequences and dreamy characters that could fuel any reader’s dreams.

Shifter’s Legacy was my favorite, by far. Edgy and fast paced, the story follows Jace’s little sister, Maddie as she finds love in a place she wasn’t expecting. Her own mate. I loved the feistiness and stubbornness of both characters and was really excited (double entendre intended) to experience romance through the characters’ eyes. The Legion is a big threat, topped with inner turmoil of the clans and Maddie’s own inner monologue I couldn’t put it down. I loved the way it followed her while still updating me on Jace and Tessa, giving me that closure I so desperately wanted. Another action packed romance that I had to see through to the end.

My own question is: Who’s next? Rhett, Declan, Kat or Shaw, I have to read more.

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