Thursday, September 26, 2013

Giveaways and Freebies Around the Web

I'm working hard on my latest piece, Riveted: For Love of a Soldier, so I have no reviews or sneak peaks to give. Instead, I am pointing you to other sneak peaks and freebies I find.

Happy Reading!

1. Nora Nix has a Thursday Giveaway she would like to share!  This woman's works are top notch and downright sexy. I highly recommend giving her page a glance.

2. Penelope Jones is at it again, Chapter One - Free!!! Diary of a Broken Sub. It is beautiful and refreshing.

3. The Last day for Cursed Ever After - A.C. James new work. So excited to read this one.


4. Join my Mailing List and get a free holiday themed short! You should see it in just a couple of weeks. :)

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