Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentences: Autumn Ride

One of my goals is to give my audience 8 sentences by Sunday, as part of a group of Weekend Writing Warriors.

Today's excerpt is from Autumn Ride, a work I am currently working on. Enjoy!

“I thought we could use a room with a view,” She found herself gravitating towards him as he pulled the tailgate down.

The cold wrapped around her, but it couldn't cause a physical reaction. Her arousal had already done that. So when it nipped at her it only served to make her feel even more alive. She embraced it, the earthy smell of an autumn breeze filling her senses as Jason laid the blanket down. When he turned and wrapped his arms around her she found that his touch was exactly the right sensation at the right time. Jason tightened his grip on her and lifted her up onto that tailgate. She felt the urge to strip her clothing piece by piece and bare her body to him in the nippy air.

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