Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumn Ride: Cover Reveal and Excerpt.

This is my feature piece for Saturday Smut and I figured where to start but with a book cover reveal!
Saturday Smut.
Because Ain't Settlin' was so popular and because I love country western anything, I started working on a project near and dear to my heart. And the results have been phenomenal in terms of my writing evolution and my book cover skills. So I'm going to give you an excerpt. And a sneak peak at the cover! Look for Autumn Ride on October 15.

A Rodeo Princess And A Pauper Who Rides

Autumn Ride Excerpt:

“Ah, Jason. This here is the lady I was talkin’ to you about earlier, Brooke Rivers. Cylde’s Daughter.” Hank was friendly and familiar with Jason. He knew him, and from his body language, he knew him well.

“The Rodeo Princess.” He drawled a smile coming to his lips. But it wasn't the friendly kind.

Do not react. She tried to stow her irritation but she knew that it showed. Stoicism was always her weakness.

Jason tipped his cowboy hat up so that she could see his face. She couldn't help it, she immediately began assessing him, much like her father taught her. What to look for in rider, physically. He was probably a couple of years older than her, 27 or 28. At least. Not quite the young buck that Hank had described. But still, young enough that he had quite a few good years left. His stance was strong, like his grip on the bull.

I wonder what his grip would be like on me. Brooke shook the thought from her head and held out her hand to him. She didn't falter, looking him straight in the eye, and waited for his shake. He assessed her for a moment, his own eyes moving over her body. Giving her the same hard look that she knew she was giving him. He was no child. She was used to over eager, over enthusiastic, green behind the ears riders trying to get her attention. And her money. Not this one.

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