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Featured Freebie Friday: All Shades of Passion Vol. 2

Today's Feature Freebie is a sexy anthology of romance stories entitled All Shades of Passion Vol. 2

There is an excerpt attached and it is explicit, so if you are under 18, please stop reading here.

All Shades of Passion (Sexy Erotic Romance Stories) Volume 2

Full of imagination erotica romance stories crafted by professional adult writers. Different stories, different writing styles - something for everyone. From hot, SEXY, and naughty full of explicit scenes stories, to pieces of written art. More books in the "All Shades of Passion" series are coming. Enjoy!

Approximate length: 15,000 words.

Content warning: contains skillfully drawn in words, naughtily detailed, sexy as your best dreams, explicit sexual acts intended for adults only (18+)!

Erotica Romance Stories include:

Mandy and I by Rachel Ali:

When Amanda left her loving boyfriend at home and planned a night out with the girls, she knew she wanted to have fun. However, her idea of fun wasn't to test the boundaries of her sexual attraction, and that too towards her best friend, Mandy.

To her complete surprise, she discovers a new meaning to passion in her friend's naked embrace.

Crimson Rose on the Pavement by Vilhemina Bruiss:

He began pounding her and all the while he slapped her ass and recited every porn cliché in the book:
"Say my name, dirty slut, say my name!"

Revenge is a dish best served cold... Ice cold.

Crimson Rose on the Pavement is the red hot tale of a cold revenge served on a patch of cobblestone.

Coconut Bay by Layla DeLaney:

Clint and Theresa Money have been waiting for weeks since they got married to embark on their honeymoon adventure. Join these two newlywed lovers as they experience their honeymoon on a private island resort in the North of Spain known as Coconut Bay. Join them as they explore the island, making love in every exotic and erotic way they can. The island becomes their ecstasy-filled oasis, and even the flowers and wild fruits play a part in their incredible lust-filled days. Their story is like a sensual dream as they celebrate their love in the exquisite paradise.

Heat Wave by Sophie Stevens (story 2):

Jack and Haley are still a little high from their mid-traffic tryst when they finally reach the secluded cabin, which was to be the setting for their five-year college reunion. However, when they find the place empty and realize that they'd arrived a day early, they're both a little worried - the house is bolted shut and the drive home is extremely unappealing, considering they'd spent the entire day trapped in a car.

Jack manages to find working lights in the backyard, and it seems like a miracle; discovering the hot tub is just a surprising bonus. Thrilled at the prospect of being warm all night - and in more ways than one - the couple waste no time jumping in.

Off the Road by Sophie Stevens (story 3):

In the third and final part, Jack and Haley have had an eventful weekend together and are on their way home, when Haley finds herself bored silly. She decides to have some fun by teasing Jack, but he isn't too pleased with her antics. He pulls over on the side of an empty road and proceeds to show her exactly how he deals with women who are a menace on the road.

An excerpt from ''Mandy and I'' by Rachel Ali
I laughed as my shot-glass tipped over on the bar counter. The Ransack Club was extremely crowded that night. The girls and I were having a fun, wild night, without our men.
My friend, Mandy, walked over, and her long legs attracted well-deserved attention from several men. 
“I need another drink,” she cried, making a pretend, sulking face.
“Gay?” I asked, and she laughed in response.
Mandy was the only one in our group of friends who was single. She spent all night going around in circles, checking out all viable candidates. The ones she liked were always committed, married, or gay. It was an inside joke among our group that Mandy would find a gay man in hundreds, and ask him out.
“This night is so not going well,” Mandy screamed to be heard over the loud music.
“Just fuck the men, Mandy. We rock. We don’t need anyone by our side.”
Mandy laughed and I grabbed the bar counter as a wave of dizziness swept over me. I had way too many shots that night.
“You can say that, Amanda. You have a wonderful boyfriend waiting for you at home, and he loves you,” Mandy screamed again.
I rolled my eyes between waves of drunken happiness and dizziness. John, my boyfriend, was wonderful.
“You know what?” I cried, standing up and holding Mandy’s upper arms as I neared her. “You will one day have a nicer, sweeter, and sexier boyfriend than John.”
I smiled, and the next moment, stood shock still as Mandy leaned over and slid her lips over mine.
I stared at her, stifling a bubble of laughter from erupting from my chest. The expression on Mandy’s face however, was serious. Even in my state of drunkenness, I realized that laughing at her would hurt her feelings.
I tried to focus, but my mind was a fuzz of confusion. I had known Mandy since Kindergarten, and she had just kissed me! Is she gay? I thought wildly.
Before I could get a grip on the direction of my thoughts, Mandy slowly leaned forward again, and her soft lips pressed onto mine. 
My traitorous body felt a jolt of longing. Her mouth smelled sweet, minty and fruity, I don’t really know why. Her hands were soft and dainty as they trailed up and down my arms, soothing me, caressing me.
Mandy’s lips parted and the unmistakable, wet slide of her mouth over mine sent currents of pure pleasure through my limbs. The arousal – crazy and insane – spread through my body like wildfire, and collected in a throbbing knot between my thighs.
I gasped and pulled away, our lips breaking contact. Mandy refused to let go of my arms. Her fingers were digging gently into my flesh, holding me imprisoned a few inches away from her.
Suddenly, I felt like I wasn’t in a crowded nightclub with blaring music sounding from the speakers. I was alive with the intensity of my feelings.
Mandy’s breasts were just barely touching mine. Our dresses were the only barriers between my aching nipples and hers. 
I don’t know what came over me, but I saw Mandy differently than I did a minute ago.
The door crashed behind me as I stepped into Mandy’s apartment. Everything was a blur. All I knew and cared about was that Mandy and I were alone, and that I wanted her to see me naked.
My green dress had a long zipper down the back, and while Mandy’s lips hungrily took mine, I was aware of her hand groping for the zipper.
Her breath was harsh, her hands shaky, and everything about her reaction was mind-blowing. I knew she was aroused. I could sense it, smell it in the air. Mandy’s fingers jerked at my dress and it fell open, sliding down my body and landing around my stiletto-clad feet.
That’s when she pulled away a few feet, and her eyes dipped down to my tits. That’s when the cold air hit my too-heated skin, and I realized that I was actually standing in the middle of Mandy’s apartment, wearing nothing but a tiny thong and a pair of shoes.
My brain told me this was wrong, but the wetness between my legs urged me to stay, see this though. I could feel the sticky pre-cum sliding out of my pussy, wetting it. My pussy lips were burning, tingling as they contracted with urgency.
“Amanda?” Mandy whispered, and I gasped. In my state of arousal, her soft whisper sounded wonderful. It added fuel to the already raging fire in my groin.
Slowly, she reached behind her own back and undid her dress, letting it fall at her feet. She slid off her shoes, and then her strapless bra. Her breasts fell free, heavy and pink-peaked, and her tiny waist was delectable.
I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Mandy was my friend, but I ached to touch her, hold her tits in my palms and crush them tightly.
I couldn’t wait any longer, and following her footsteps, I leaned down and undid the straps on my stilettos.
My breasts fell forward as I bent, swaying gently, and I could feel her warm gaze roving over them.
With a gasp of wanton urgency, Mandy stepped forward and her breasts were crushed against mine.
I moaned aloud, my mouth finding hers and parting over the soft, full contours. Her tongue plunged wetly in my mouth, and I gave her mine. 
Her fingers were digging into my back and sliding over me, touching me, heating me more and more. I couldn’t breathe. I was wild. I slid my hands between our bodies and clasped her tits, squeezing them.
“Oh! Oh! Amanda!” she whispered harshly in my mouth between our wet kiss. Her tongue slid against mine, tangling while I let my palms rove over her beasts.
Her nipples were hard and erect, tightened into buds that flipped back and forth as I caressed them. Her hands slid down my back, clasping my ass-cheeks, and I ground them against her crotch. 
My bush slid against hers, and she slid her fingers between my ass-cheeks, finding my thong and tugging it out. 
”Mandy!” I cried out, tightening my hips, letting her touch me, scorch me. “Touch me! Please, Mandy. Touch me,” I gasped. 
At my words, I could tell that she gained encouragement. Her hands slid between my ass-cheeks, stroking my asshole. It had puckered up and tightened with need, and before I had a chance to do or say anything further, her soft fingertip caressed my back hole.
My head fell back and our mouths lost contact. She watched my face as I cried and moaned, grinding my hips, swaying them back and forth as if I had a cock filling my pussy. 
I wanted to be filled. I wanted her fingers inside me, thrusting back and froth. I was dripping juices heavily, and the wetness was sliding down my inner thigh.
If you are interested in this work, please stop by Amazon to pick up a free copy today.  

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