Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ningaloo Nights is just short of a Knock Out

Overall: ★★★★☆

Tracy Cooper-Posey begins the book in the heat of Australia on the hottest month of the year. With the hottest man in Ningaloo, buck naked and baring it all. 
This tawdry tail follows the actions of a New York  Cop as she searches the outback for the body of her lost sister. But it is dangerous and she needs a guide. Only Mason Hayward can help. But what she isn't expecting is how handsome and sexy this rugged Aussie is. This is a good read if you want something quick and easy to get through with great sex, but it can be hard to suspend belief enough not to roll your eyes. 

Originality: ★★★★☆
I really like the idea of the story. I think it is smart, gutsy and empowered. The idea of a female cop coming to a distant country in order to find her lost or deceased sister is something that is fairly original. I like the premise and the idea of the story is very intriguing but the execution is lacking. Had the Author taken a little more time and drawn out the motivations of each character the premise could be more believable. 

Character Development ★★☆☆☆
This is probably the biggest flaw in the entire piece. Both characters seem too forced, not developed enough. Sherry is a good example. She speaks in a neutral tone and then suddenly flips back and forth into a New York tone, but it isn't realistic and neither is her bravado. It seems forced. The way she talks about guns and a "tough" exterior isn't an accurate portrayal of a New York City cop. Certainly not one who walks a "beat" it is my biggest issue with the whole book and creates holes for me. 

Mason knows too many things, too easily. It is a bit of a thin veil for the author pushing either character development or plot along. Potential is there for a really complex relationship but it is just too rushed. 

Very well done, I only noticed a few comma issues.

The Sex:★★★★☆

Some things are a bit unrealistic (I won't divulge because I don't want to spoil) but the rest of it was really well written. The attention to detail is magnificent. I love the way she talks about body parts, the heat of the moment and the actual action. It drew me in and provided the desired effect. I highly regard her writing for these scenes and it makes this a worth while read, even with the flaws.

Purchase Ningaloo Nights for the sex, the well written detailed scenes and the excitement.

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