Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lady Hathaway's Indecent Proposal Is Indecently Tantalizing

Overall:★★★★★ (4.5 with Rounding)

When I sat down to read Lady Hathaway's Indecent Proposal I was excited because it seemed like the kind of romantic/erotic book that I would actually read. I love historical fiction, especially from the Regency Period in England until the Edwardian Era. I was also surprised when I researched the book, at only .99 cents, if it was as good as I hoped, it would be a steal. And it is. Suzanna Medeiros writes well, has a good grasp of the history and really pulls the reader in with this one.

Originality: ★★★★☆
Medeiros writes about a period that has been done over and over again. But she does so in such a way that is refreshing and enlightening. She looks at a period of time through the eyes of a widow and what she wants. And Miranda wants Andrew. He is sexy, he is her age and he has everything she wants in a man. Even if she can only have it for a little while.

Character Development: ★★★★★ 
Miranda is complex and detailed. She has lived the life a noble woman usually did, back in those days. Unable to marry for love, forced into a situation of convenience by those around her, she had the prospect to be well off. But fate/luck reared its ugly head and she was left with the plight of a woman in the time period. Add real life concerns and an undying love for a man she wished she could have married and there you go. A perfect story.

Andrew is just as interesting. Handsome, rough and tumble, and never married. Once wonders about his back story. About that time between pairings with Miranda. But his development is so good and his complex range of emotions so real, it becomes more of an afterthought.

Editing: ★★★★
Obviously professionally done.

The Sex: ★★★★
When we read these stories, we want the steam. We want the romance. We want to imagine would it would be like to be in Andrew's (or Miranda's) arms. The author does that well, and her descriptions are really sexy. I loved reading these scenes and found them to be very well done.

I think .99 is way too low for such a good work and cannot wait to see more from the Hathaway Heirs Series.

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